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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday Vignette

I have a gardening companion who doesn't actually come outside with me when I garden. He watches me from the windows.

I'm not sure what he's looking at, but I guess Ronin loves his mommy -- or maybe he's pining for the fjords

When I went outside recently to take those photos I shared of my front porch succulent display, he jumped up onto the window sill and ducked underneath the slatted blinds to watch me. He was paying close enough attention that he jumped back down and was waiting by the door when I came in.

Friends on Facebook heard about his little adventure a couple of weeks ago, when we had our vents cleaned. The front door got left ajar, and he got out. We found him frightened and cowering in the side yard, whereupon he raced back to the front door and scooted inside. That was frightening for all of us. He doesn't seem eager to repeat that experience.

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  1. I missed all about Ronin's adventure... Glad he got back in okay. I'm going with his love of you, as opposed to the fjords. Sweet kitty... <3

  2. I also missed your Facebook posts about Ronin's great escape but am glad everyone's happily back where they belong!

  3. I'm glad Ronin learned from his experience! I can't say my Pipig is that smart - I have to watch her like a hawk to ensure she doesn't wander and end up as a coyote's breakfast.

  4. Obviously an indoor cat. Out cat never ventures out in the yard while we are working, but loves to join us when we SIT on the patio. She is an indoor/outdoor cat with her own cat door, but appreciates it when we accommodate her by opening the patio door.

  5. I'm glad your beautiful kitty is safe. Here, due to coyotes, stories of kitties that get outside have unhappy endings.


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