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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wednesday Vignette

For my Wednesday Vignette this week I'm sharing some photos of my very first Brugmansia flower this year. It doesn't usually take my Brugs until early August to produce their first flower, but I haven't been the best plant steward this year. Brugs are heavy feeders and need lots of water, and most years I give them what they need. I've kept them watered this year, but haven't been fertilizing them at all. Unlike last year, when I actually knocked them out of their huge pots and replaced a good amount of their soil with heavily amended new soil, this year I just rolled them out of the garage and lined them up on the driveway.

I consider myself lucky to have been rewarded with a flower. There are more blooms coming too. They're more forgiving plants than their reputation says.

Ribbed for your (viewing) pleasure

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  1. Good for you for getting a flower. I don't think I even have a bud on that thing, but then again, I haven't given it the prima donna attention it reputedly craves. Your last caption made me giggle... :)

  2. You goofball! (Last caption.) They are pretty forgiving but do like to trow all of their leaves on the ground in a fit if you overfeed them or hang their leaves like wet crepe paper if they don't have sufficient water. Letting the roots grow into the ground seems to solve everything. Of course, it's a royal pain to dig them out in the fall.

  3. Mine hasn't been fed at all, which no doubt accounts for its sorry performance even though I'm watering regularly. I'm off to cure my transgression!


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