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Monday, December 28, 2015

Adopt ALL the Kitties!

I was so very moved by all the condolence comments I received on the blog when I posted about Magellan's passing recently. Thank you all so much.

We also got some lovely condolence cards from the vets who cared for Magellan.

I had a difficult week after Magellan passed. I couldn't seem to stop myself from looking for her every time I came in from the grocery store or from running errands. Although at first I thought I'd like to wait much, much longer before we adopted another kitty, it seemed that perhaps the only way to circumvent that urge to look for her was to actually have a kitty to greet!

I started poring over all the websites of local pet adoption agencies, and on Petfinder. If I could have adopted every cat I saw, I would have. Despite having some picky criteria, there were still plenty of possibilities, which makes me a bit sad to think about. We wanted to adopt an adult cat, at least 5 years old, long-haired, in good health.

Introducing: Ronin

Ronin, on his first day in our home, not too sure yet about this adoption thing

On the cat tree a few days later, surveying his domain

"Hey, can I get some sleep here?"

Giving me a bit of stink-eye

Fluffy paw

Fluffy tail

We found Ronin at the Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville, WA, and I have to say that the adoption process there was one of the most pleasant adoption experiences we've ever had. Our adoption counselor was so helpful, supportive and friendly.

We just adore him, and he seems to adore us too. He follows us from room to room, and is a real cuddlebear. He just loves to sit on our laps and be stroked. When I pick him up, he boops his nose against mine. We don't allow kitties to sleep in our bed, but so far he has been waiting right outside the bedroom door to greet us every morning. When I posted a photo of him on Facebook, my blogger friend Laura of Gravy Lessons, said "He doesn't realize he just won the pet adoption lottery!"

In all truth, I think we won the lottery too.