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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Art of Display At Ravenna Gardens

This past weekend I spent some time on Saturday morning in Seattle, in the University District, at boutique nursery Ravenna Gardens. Few nurseries can top them for the artful display of their wares. Their booth at the NWFGS is often a microcosm of their larger shop in town, but the one in town has more stuff and way more plants. I visited last year in April, and you can see that post here.

It's a small shop that packs a big punch.

Everywhere you turn there's a color-coordinated exhibit, a feast for the eyes.

Cool little vignettes too.

Those bark balls were interesting, but a touch expensive.

I remember seeing these vases at the show.

The hardy plants are outside the building, on wooden shelving all around it (the shop is in a mall, but it's free-standing, so there are plants on all four sides of the building).

Cool season edibles

Pretty pansies

I love Primroses, but unfortunately, the slugs love them even more.

Many of the plants outside are also grouped in color-coordinated displays, like this Fritillaria and matching Heuchera.

I picked up a couple of pots of these tulips, I just couldn't resist that flower and leaf together.

Magnolia stellata

Inside the shop, I almost missed this interesting cactus look-alike, Euphorbia polygona

I bought both the solid green and this near white one, called 'Snowflake.'


  1. A lot of their pots are fabulous and I spy some lemon yellow ones too that I'd so love to have! If only...

  2. What a nice color that "pretty pansy" is! What would you call it? It looks lIke it would go well with the new bromeliads you got.

  3. Ravenna Gardens does always have great displays! Thanks for the glimpse! I see a couple of tiny pots that might need to come home with me. Didja buy anything?

  4. I remember seeing those cool perforated lanterns at the flower show, and I adore those bulb-like vases too. Just might have to visit Ravenna some time - it seems like a great place to spend a few hours.

  5. I agree with you about the artistic quality of Ravena Garden displays. I do love visiting that place.

  6. I think its just as well we live so far away, there is too much that I would like to bring home with me!

  7. I was so bummed when they pulled out of Portland. They really do have the magic touch for displays.

  8. Ooooh, that would be a fun place to spend money.

  9. I scored a couple of their small pots with the facets at NWFGS. That Euphorbia polygona is fascinating, and I have the perfect pot for it, too. Too bad they aren't in PDX any more.


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