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Monday, March 9, 2015

A Few Random Images

The gardening season is gearing up here, and I've been visiting nurseries and going places and doing things, and of course, I always bring my camera along. But I don't always get enough good images to put together an entire post about it. So I thought I'd do a post to include some random shots that turned out adequately.

From the recent Yard, Garden and Patio Show in Portland:

Loved these sort of egg-shaped orange pots

Yucca 'Bright Star' in an orange container, just in case I'm wondering what color container mine will look good in, once I dig them up

Kokedama (moss ball)

From a visit to Cistus Nursery:

Garrya elliptica and Eucalyptus

From Thicket, another Portland nursery:

Hellebore (unfortunately, I didn't take note of the name)

Clematis armandii 'Apple Blossom'

Pussy willow

From Garden Fever, a neighborhood nursery also in Portland:

Clematis armandii 'Snowdrift'

Chez Alison:

In my own house, the two Begonias, that I moved out of the greenhouse a month or so ago to make room for seed-starting, are flowering.

And out in the greenhouse, the Old Lady Cactus (Mammalaria hahniana) is flowering. The flowers are tiny and delicate, and ever so much better than glued-on fake ones.


  1. I like this idea as I often don't have enough pictures of a single thing to make a post. Looks like you're enjoying our early spring!

  2. The Yucca Bright Star and orange pot does look good. Might copy that as well especially as I have one languishing in a small pot and is due a bigger one soon.

  3. Pussy willow and cacti flower pictures are gorgeous!

  4. Fun post, I've been enjoying the kokedama I see everywhere lately. The bright orange with the yucca would look very good in your garden.

  5. Yucca in the orange container, awesome!

  6. Beautiful pictures, I love the scent of the Clematis armandii and the softness of the pussy willow.

  7. A nice selection of randomness Alison! I want those orange pots!

  8. Random posts of beauty - what better way to start the week? Garrya elliptica photos are haunting me. I must find this plant! (Actually, I did find an on-line source but the price of mail order delivery nearly made me choke so I'm still hunting.)

  9. Patchwork posts...whqt a good idea.

  10. Beautiful closeups of the blossoms. I need to look up these Portland nurseries for our next trip

  11. Love those orange planters too and that picture of the flowering cactus is stunning.


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