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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

And Another Greenhouse Surprise

While moving some plants around, to try to reach my two Begonia boliviensis to see if they have started to emerge from their winter's rest (they have, I found tiny little noses poking out of the pots), I suddenly noticed a plant flowering that I have hardly looked at in months -- my Billbergia nutans, a fabulous Bromeliad with the common name of Queen's Tears. It's been tucked underneath the wire table, behind all the other Bromeliads, which only get watered when the plants above drip on them.

I had to pull it out onto the top of the wire table, so that it could have its moment in the sun -- and in front of the camera.

The foliage looks kind of ratty, but look at all those flowers!

There are even more flowers coming up from the base. Other than completely ignoring it for months, I'm not sure what I did right. But I'm not complaining.