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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Forbidden Photos from Garden Fever

I have turned into such a perverse old lady. Nothing spurs me on (or pisses me off) more than being told I can't do something. I swear sometimes my personality has been taken over by a two-year old in the throes of a tantrum (Nigel would say that's nothing new, but then I make his dinner, so he better watch out). I saw in Peter The Outlaw Gardener's recent post about Garden Fever in Portland, that he was told he couldn't take photos of the nursery indoors. I had just visited the day before, and took loads. I even spoke with a worker who was rearranging things, I know he saw me taking photos, but he said nothing.

So, here are my forbidden photos of the indoors (and some of the outdoors) of Garden Fever, a neighborhood nursery in Portland.

A display of tender plants just inside the door

They had Bromeliads in bags

This one, and a second the same color, came home with me

There's always Tillandsias

Lovely head planter

Lots to love!

Will monograms ever go out of style?

A nice book display

I considered buying this as a gift for Kris Petersen of Late to the Garden Party, but a quick look inside told me there wasn't really any useful raccoon-proofing advice.

Fun, colorful tins

Agave scabra

Colorful pots

I've seen this Hershey's Kiss-shaped pot at Molbak's

I've been seeing a lot of these green speckled pots for sale in just about every nursery I've visited, but these are the best prices I've seen yet.

Aha! I've finally spied the outdoors, and it looks like it's well stocked with plants

This Clematis armandii 'Snowdrift' smelled wonderful!

Nice color and healthy form on a 'Color Guard' Yucca -- mine is still pretty spindly

Loved this frilly pansy

Why doesn't this popular plant ever get any cheaper?

I passed a display garden, mainly a large raised bed, on the way back to the car.

I love bottle borders, but this one isn't quite right to me. The bottles need to be sunk just a little lower, and they left the labels on, which seems rather tacky to me.

Lots of blooming Daffodils

Nodding Hellebores on top of a tall wall is a great idea

So pretty, and easy viewing

OK, tantrum over. Someone give me a lollipop.


  1. How very odd that they would not want somebody taking photos! It's obviously a very nice place and I would think the publicity would be good for them.

  2. I can't believe they told Peter he could only take photo's outside. Honestly, are they not wanting the publicity? It's such a nice store and I love their book selection. (p.s..I love that you put this post up just to make a point!!)

  3. We also took photos indoors with no problems. I guess it all depends who's there at the time one asks (or who spots you while taking pics).

  4. Yay for Bonney Lassie! Do you think they were afraid to challenge a determined garden photographer?

    I agree that one would think they would love the free publicity: "Oh, Sarah Jane, I must go to Garden Feber for some of those agaves and the planters I saw on What's-his-name's Blog."

    ... or maybe they were afraid Peter was the Design Police, there to point out the tackier parts of their displays, like the not quite right bottle border.

  5. Hmmm very interesting Alison! Will have to find out more....and I do wonder myself about the black mondo grass. Why IS It so damned expensive? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

  6. That Agave scabra looks both scary and beautiful!

  7. I love the rebel in you, Alison - I feel some kind of kinship! What everyone else said - who wouldn't want the publicity??? Anyway, I love Garden Fever! It is one of my fave Portland nurseries, and one that I hold up as a role model for what I want Drake's to become. I visit it every chance I get, to the detriment of my wallet. They have such good stuff! :)

  8. Nice inside dirt on Garden Fever. It looks like a pretty shop and I remember seeing plenty of nice photos on other blogs too. No idea on the ridiculous black mondo pricing, I finally treated myself with a small pot of it and hoping it will grow and multiply enough to make an impact in a container.

  9. Black Mondo Grass and Epimediums--the two head-scratchers for me. Why so pricey? .... I don't get it. Taking photos is a win-win. Free advertising for the nursery and a fantastic blog post for the photographer. Good stuff!

  10. Well, that's irritating, I just left a comment and it disappeared. I shall try again and apologize if it ends up being a duplicate.

    I love that nursery, but that sorta chaps my hide. And kinda makes me wanna take a trip, just so I can take my camera. ;)

    I have a bottle lined path in the backyard, but that one leaves much to be desired.

    I bought black mondo grass there when it was still Poppy Box. Turns out, I hate it. Every year, I dig it and dump it. I had no idea it was such a hot commodity. Guess I should go pot up all the babies and throw them up on the Facebook page.

  11. I think there must be a misunderstanding somewhere. The folks at Garden Fever are wonderful and have been very supportive of Garden Bloggers, even donating raffle prizes for the Fling last summer. I wonder if Peter told them he was a blogger? (I need to ask him) I wonder who asked him to stop? Anyway, I don't want a great nursery to get a bad reputation without knowing all the details.

    1. I agree about them being wonderful people. It would be good for you to look into it. They may be projecting an image that is far different than their actual culture and I would think they would want to know about it.

  12. I asked permission at my local nursery, who keep the National Collection of Bonsai if I could take pictures - they could not be helpful enough. You'd have thought they'd be happy for the free advertising.
    Nice to see your pics though Alison. Their wares remind me of one place nearby here. I must see if they have similar green speckled spotted pots, maybe they are the craze for 2015.

  13. Well it was nice that you got some photos. They had more sense than to mess with you. Growing hellebores at eye height is a good idea. I don' t know about the wino' s bottle lined garden though. I wouldn't t try that; I don' t want the neighbours thinking we are dipsomaniacs.

  14. The folks I talked with at Garden Fever were very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful! The people and place are grand and their pot prices were excellent! The mistake was mine in not asking permission to take pictures in advance, which I always do when I visit a nursery for the first time. I had gone upstairs and was poking around and turned to take a picture of the sales floor from the balcony. I could have been casing the place to come back and rob it for all they knew. I didn't identify myself as a blogger until well into our very nice conversation. We talked about the Y,G, & P show and lots of other things. So, great people, fab. business that I will patronize again. I only included the bit about no interior pictures allowed as an apology for not showing more of the terrific stuff I saw.
    As for your tantrum, young lady, you can choose to stop that right now or go to your time out chair. Your choice. NO ONE gets a lollipop after a tantrum! That would reinforce the behavior. You get a lollipop if you don't throw a tantrum. Better yet, you could earn a sticker to put on your chart and when you've accumulated ten stickers, you can trade it for 20 extra minutes to play in your greenhouse or a fun new plant.

    1. Well, you can certainly tell who the teacher is. Consider me suitably chastened. But I spend too much time in my timeout chair. I think I just need some fresh air.

    2. Don't pay any attention to Peter, Alison. He is the exact same age as my older child or somewhere in that vicinity.

  15. I never even considered asking to take photos at a nursery. I do it all the time. Oh, well. Act now, and apologize later?
    I like your photos, Alison. looks like a great place.

  16. Great pictures, and I'm all with you on taking photos, wherever. Those captured a place I'd like to visit, forbidden or not. But forbidden are more fun...

    Nice Agave scabra, too...


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