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Monday, December 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day -- December, 2014

I was all set to claim that I had nothing flowering out in the garden this month, until I actually went out and took a look. There's not much, but there's not nothing.

Mahonia x media 'Charity' still has plenty of long flower clusters.

And the Sheffield Pink mums have one lone semi-flower, trying probably in vain to open.

There are precious few in the greenhouse as well.

My Aloe glauca is still flowering.

The pregnant onion (Ornithogalum longibractatum) that I got from Linda at Linda Letters has produced a tall willowy flower stalk.

And in a mixed pot that I got during a late season sale at Windmill Nursery, there is a Hellebore blooming. It's inside the greenhouse because of the other occupants in the pot.

Unfortunately, that's it!

I'll have plenty of foliage shots tomorrow though, for Foliage Followup.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens is the host for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. You can see her post here, and don't forget to check out all the links from bloggers around the world.


  1. I'm like you I have lots of shots for the foliage post but I struggled with the blooms. There is the odd rose etc but they are all a little past their best before dates!! I also have the same Mahonia but I radically pruned mine two years ago and it is only just recovering - opps

  2. It's amazing how many are actually flowering if one looks hard enough. It may not be much but the few you have are still a source of winter cheer :)

  3. Mahonia is one that I always meant to plant, never did.

    The early freezes really messed up winter blooms here, too.

  4. What would we do without the cheerful yellow blooms of Mahonia in December? Your blooms look great!

  5. Okay between you and Carol I need to go look closer at my hellebores. I wonder if there's anything going on yet...

  6. Happy GBBD Alison! I love that Mahonia and have made a note to self to find space for one. After finally getting one Hellebore to bloom earlier this year, I'm also committed to getting more of those - finding them (outside of catalogs) continues to be a challenge.

  7. Well it was a big fat nothing-to-show here! I must get a Mahonia 'Charity', that really packs a punch. Especially with the blue as a backdrop.

  8. When it comes to outdoor plants, Mahonia is really wonderful
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  9. Glad you took a closer look. If you want to experience really slim picking you should visit me.

  10. I guess I should go out tomorrow and look around. I do know the yellow winter jasmine is blooming.

  11. I think most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are in the same boat, not much at all in the garden, thank goodness for indoor flowers! Your Mahonia is still looking very good, mine are almost over now.

  12. Look at those fab blooms.... as I have none, I am so happy to see yours Alison.

  13. I like your Mahonia so much.

  14. I love the Aloe and am quite intrigued by the Ornithogalum. I grow Albuca nelsonii which has a big fat bulb and a flower which looks just like this one.
    Everyone should have a Mahonia. Wonderful in winter.


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