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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bugging Out

While taking pictures in the garden in preparation for putting together posts for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and Foliage Followup, I noticed a handful of bugs on my plants. So I thought I'd give them their own post.

Green Shield Bug on Autumn Joy Sedum

Lady Bug on Autumn Joy

A harvestman, or Daddy Long Legs "Spider" on Autumn Joy

Wee Bug on a Nasturtium

Bee mimic fly on Chocolate Eupatorium

One of many cross spiders thriving in my garden this fall

Conifer seed bug on the side of my house


  1. That's a nice prelude to bloom day!

  2. There's a certain beauty in bugs, isn't there? A complexity in composition & color that I often miss because of my disinterest/aversion/ignorance......

  3. I've seen some unusual, pretty bugs this year. Fun idea to give them pride of place in a post of their own.

  4. Interesting. I love this post, Alison. However, I would have killed that stink bug before getting my camera. I hate those things. :)

  5. Sometimes I think half the joy of gardening is watching invertebrates. Anyone can see a sparrow, but who else is going to admire the bee fly or the millipede?

  6. ... and you know the names of your bugs! I'm not a fan of stink bugs either but you have to call 'em as you see 'em.

    We're having "weather" today. I need sunshine to show my Muhly Grass; maybe tomorrow..

  7. How lucky to have all these insects. I still saw a lady bug here the other day.

  8. I'm impressed by your knowledge of bug names! I've seen green shield bugs before but always called them stink bugs, never knowing they had any more dignified name, and I've never known what the conifer seed bugs are called. Thanks! I believe your "wee bug" is a black aphid.


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