Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Latest and Greatest in Plant Hybrids

As an attendee at the Garden Bloggers Fling (I've been to two now), my little blog and I have come to the attention of the most innovative of plant breeders and hawkers. After the Seattle Fling, I ended up on the marketeers' list for Proven Winners, and as a result, received two boxes of plants. I wrote about them the first year I got them, but then I skipped the next year. Nary a box in sight since then. BooHoo.

Despite attending a presentation for the Sunset Western Garden collection during the San Francisco Fling last year, I didn't receive any plants from them. (I would have liked one of those hardy Gardenias).

Never mind. I have my own collection of weird and wonderful hybrids.

Ever heard of Araucaria acerseminolia? No? Isn't it fab?

How about the infamous hop-flowered elderberry?

You can use it to make both beer and wine, simultaneously.


  1. Wonderful! I should show the first picture to my own Araucaria!

  2. Love that elderberry! I didn't know about making both wine and beer with it.
    That Araucaria looks Dangerous and Deadly! Ouch. I'd poke an eye out if I had one!

  3. What strange experiments are you doing in that greenhouse of yours? Do these qualify as GMO's?

  4. I love a horticulturist with humor.

  5. I could send you a box of my spaghetti tree seedlings.;-)

  6. Good one! Wish you had been in Portland, hope to see you in Toronto.

  7. Strange and fascinating plants indeed ;-) .


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