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Monday, June 30, 2014

Hardy Plant Study Weekend -- Bits and Pieces

I didn't get enough good photos at the rest of the gardens that I toured during the Hardy Plant Study Weekend to do an entire blog post on each. But I have a handful of good photos left over, so I thought I'd share those.

From the Garden of Debra and Jim Heg

From Froggwell Gardens

Yes, the Rhodie leaves really were that blue

Stewartia flowers -- the tree was huge and profusely laden with blooms

If you click to embiggen you can see garden owner Ralph Hastings sitting on the patio to the left of the house

From the Garden of Lynn and Mike Garvey

From the Garden of Janet Patrick

From the Garden of Susan Picquelle and Jim Meador

I wish I knew my Arisaemas better, it would amuse me if that is Arisema dracontium next to the dragon hatching from an egg

From the Bluestem Garden of John Longres and Jeff Graham

From the Garden of Justin Galicic

Eucomis freckles

I'm sure he won't eat much...

From the Garden of Jon Dove

Look! It's me and my garden touring buddy Peter The Outlaw Gardener! Of course, I think we might have to arm wrestle  each other over who gets the clown to represent them.

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  1. Wow, so much beauty in one weekend. I'm looking forward to attending this event in four years! Especially liked the fire pit(?) turned sempervivum planter and huge chair in the Heg garden. The bench reflection shot is magical but of course, my favorite picture is the last one! Looking forward to more garden adventures with you after the fling/your trip! Thank you Lisa Simpson for the word Embiggen, a perfectly cromulent word!

  2. Beautiful photos all of them, I'm glad you did a combo post to share them. So just what is that strange cool rusty thing in the 3rd image?

  3. Delightful potpourri of shots. They should link to this post to advertise this tour next time round.

  4. This is a great collection of photos, Alison. Like Loree, I was particularly fascinated by the rusty metal container used for succulents in the Heg garden.

  5. Great shots of so many great gardens. I absolutely love the cabbage photograph. Superb image

  6. I love the cabbage photo best, too. It's adorable. Thanks for posting the other links ... i have spent the last two hours most enjoyably in the PNW.

  7. They're all beautiful photos Alison, all a source of inspiration!

  8. Cool Photos! And thanks for the link!

  9. I bet you really enjoyed going. So much to learn. Great photos.


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