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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, June 2014

It's hard to believe we're already half-way through June. I don't know where the days are going, but they are whipping by faster than I want them to. Anyway, it's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and I have plenty to show off.

Orange Abutilon, in a pot on the front porch

Two Begonia boliviensis that survived being overwintered inside the house

Kniphofia with just the tiniest hint of orange at the top

'Moonshine' Achillea

Blue Baptisia australis, the first bloom from plants that were put in 5 years ago

Kniphofia and Phlomis

Magenta rose campion, with a backdrop of bigroot Geranium

Penstemon digitalis, grown from seed a couple of years ago

I tossed seed for California poppies into this bed between me and my neighbor Mary last year, and this year they have made a lovely swath of self-sown babies

The bees love them!

I do too!

A dark lavender, with some golden conifer foliage (Don't make me look it up)

This lily, called 'Matrix,' is similar in color to 'Royal Sunset,' featured a few days ago in this post, but it's much shorter

Centaurea dealbata has been flowering for a while now

Delicate blue flax/Linum lewisii, started from seed a couple of years ago, languished in 4-inch pots all of last summer, and finally found a home in the new front garden

Chocolate-colored Nicotiana

Salvia greggii, the only one to survive the winter


The Alyssum that I sowed last year on the other side of the garden, has managed to self-sow into the gravel in the gravel garden

I don't remember the name of this Clematis (Etoile Violette maybe?) but it's the third try for a Clematis on this trellis. This one finally took.


 I sowed this Geranium 'Vision Light Pink' several years ago, and now its sweet, delicate flowers are a mainstay throughout the front garden

Dactylhorizae/Ground Orchid

Only one of three Salvia 'Hot Lips' survived our harsh winter, and came back from the roots

This purple Penstemon looks good next to golden Oregano

That's just the front garden, which is much more floriferous than the back. I would have had a single pink peony to show you, but it looks like someone cut and stole it. I moved my three peonies into the front garden bed earlier this spring, but the plants were just a little too far out of the ground and most of the buds they had already produced withered. Except for one, which opened a few days ago, and has since disappeared, cut clean off. Maddening. I hope it isn't the beginning of a trend.

Sorry to end on a downer. Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is usually joyous, and this one is mostly. GBBD is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, check out her post here, and don't forget to check out the posts by other bloggers who are also celebrating their flowers this month.


  1. I am so with you in your sentiments expressed above. I thought I was alone in not wanting to see commercials of any kind in garden blogs. So, many thanks for saying it!

    I like best your pix of the planter with the CA poppies and the golden conifer and, of course, the maroon-foliaged shrub, what is it?

    1. The maroon-foliage shrub is a ninebark/Physocarpus opulifolius. I'm not sure which cultivar, it might be Diabolo, or it might be Summer Wine.

  2. So many fab blooms and hot colours in your garden at the moment Alison, great selection!

  3. So many great flowers! I love the abutilon and dactylorhiza. The California poppies look fabulous! I'm sorry to hear of your purloined peony bloom. If it does become a trend maybe you could spray flowers in that area with something deviously stinky or sticky. Though that wouldn't be much fun for you either...

  4. Beautiful Alison. I am determined to try Californian poppies next year, I hope they will get along with slightly wetter conditions than they might be used to. And I do love the clematis growing up the trellis, it looks perfect there!

  5. This makes me realize I need to get out and see what's blooming in my own garden. I have been busy and it has been a while.

  6. Oh, Alison, so many pretties. I want to go through and just call their little names one by one. I've never seen a dark nicotiana like that-- put that on my 'next year' list.

    California poppies perform well for me, except that they like their seeds saved and sprinkled around in November here. They look good with so many other things.

    Love the golds and chartreuses, the purples and the oranges.

    As I've said over and over, you cannot have too many lilies.

  7. What a beautiful collection Alison. I am impressed by the orchid Dactylhorizae. Is it difficult to grow?
    I like abutilon. They always remind me of my first job in a private school. In the office of the principal was a pink abutilon grown as a house plant that was enormous the stems went up then bent down. The whole thing was almost the size of a volkswagen bug and was magnificent.

  8. I love your poppies! All the ones here are gone already... And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to try more than once with clematis. Yours is very nice!

  9. Gosh Allison, how much colour you have in the garden - everything is looking fabulous! I love that clematis on the trellis. I have an abuliton in my garden and during the wet season was quite overcome by little bugs eating the leaves. I sprayed it with soapy water and it has recovered, and is branching out and blossoming nicely now. I like the colouring of yours.

  10. Oh that orange abutilon! I had trouble moving beyond those photos, so beautiful!

    Sorry about your peony, whenever something like that happens we blame it on the in "those damn teenagers again" it reinforces our crabby old people reputation. Just this weekend they beheaded a neighbors roses, which they then dropped in my garden to pluck off a fresh opuntia pad, which they then dropped in another garden to pull out some daisys. Those damn teenagers!

  11. That Abutilon is so pretty it makes me think I should immediately go out and get one - I guess it's a good thing that it's dark and the nurseries are closed. Your California poppies look better than the ones I had down here in sunny SoCal - most of ours are gone already. I can imagine your frustration about the peony - I was furious yesterday to find that a raccoon had dug around the base of the peony I got from Annie's earlier this spring and there was no bloom involved in that case. Happy GBBD anyway (and one month's bad karma to any and all peony thieves)!

  12. Oh my, you have a riot of blooms! Love the orange abutilon, and the tiered blooms of the Phlomis are so cool. I'm also super-intrigued by the Baptisia... Such a pretty blue, but I imagine it gets too big for my ever-shrinking garden.

  13. Ninebark and Ca poppies are faboo! I'm sorry about your peony! In my hood, we blame the folks from the group home mostly because we see them doing things. Happy GBBD anyway!

  14. A lovely selection of blooms Alison. I am very jealous about that lovely orchid. I have never seen the really dark Nicotiana before I love it. A lovely Abutilon too. How awful to find one of your peonies gone. I know how exciting it is to watch the buds open and wait for the big day when it comes out. And then for someone to take it is heart breaking.

  15. Lots of bright cheery color, Alison, your big clump of California poppy is amazing. I think I only got one repeat bloom this year. It's hard to believe someone would cut your peony bloom, right in your front yard! The orchid is pretty, another PNW gardener has it too. I like the design on the petals.

  16. Third time is a charm, your clematis looks great! I also like the Chocolate-colored Nicotiana, I don't think I've seen that before :)

    Happy Gardening!

  17. Ooh, bloom thievery makes my blood boil! So inexcusable. On the bright side, your garden looks incredible and your greenhouse looks like it's been there forever. Brava!

  18. Your picture-taking skills just keep getting better and better. California poppies are supposed to be so easy, but I keep throwing out seed and nothing happens. I'm not giving up though.

  19. How rude! To steal the only one blossom? So sorry this happened and I too hope it's not a trend. I love that you had California poppies overwinter.Mine died but I re-sowed this spring. Beautiful garden photos!

  20. I have had similar experiences with lilies. It absolutely enraged me. However, your post reminds me that I really have to try sowing some California poppy seeds. And I'm in love with that ground orchid!

  21. Alison I really am loving the blooms in your garden as I do not see many of these especially the poppies and the Orange Abutilon which is stunning.


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