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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Douglas Fir Detritus

The wind over the weekend left my garden covered with flotsam and jetsam -- not just leaves from deciduous trees and shrubs, but also needles, cones, branches and buds from the Douglas firs that are all around.

Bits and pieces of trees everywhere, even blown onto the covered back porch

All over the patio

Onto the chaise

A pile of branches -- more out in the beds

One big dead bough came down

Red Twig Dogwood leaves and fir needles collecting at the end of the stream

Plenty of dogwood leaves are still hanging on, but soon they'll all be gone, and it'll be time to give it a trim. They say you should prune any old branches that are no longer red, but it looks like they are all red. That's good actually, because I'd like to do something with the branches that I take off. Do you know any good twiggy crafts? I could weave them into some kind of wall hanging. Or make these twig coasters (thank you Martha Stewart).  Maybe I'll just stick them in a vase without water and let them decorate the house.
Still plenty of leaves

Geranium 'Rozanne' is not giving up without a fight