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Monday, November 11, 2013

Coming to Fruition

For today's enjoyment, a collection of images of fruiting bodies -- berries, seedheads, etc. -- from my garden.

Fuchsia magellanica

Maianthemum berries

Sarcococca berries

Not actually a berry, but seeds, from the Blackberry Lily

I still have my pick of artfully strewn Douglas fir cones

Rudbeckia seedheads and Panicum 'Rohtstrahlbusch'

I love the starry shapes of Aralia californica berries -- not only when they are still intact, but also when they fall

Clematis seedheads

Berberis berries

The shiny blackish-blue berries of black mondo grass

The return of fall rain always causes mushrooms to pop up all over.

Something has been chowing down on this slimy thing -- most likely, another slimy thing, a slug.

At this time of year you really have to look closely to find the beauty.


  1. Great pics and macros Alison! And some of those berries look dangerously yummy even...

  2. The aralia seedheads are really, really cool. I could see them spray painted....ok, I do have an obsession with spray paint lately. ;-) Looks like we are having the same sort of weather, it's cold, dark, and windy today with a high predicted to be 30 and low of 18. I should get back to work on the garden; I have a bunch of 'artfully strewn' leaves and tree branches lying around here, too, lol. Mushrooms are both amazing and kinda creepy the way they appear out of nowhere in those fantastical shapes. I hope you're feeling better.

  3. The aralia seed heads remind me of the Portland fling patch! A berry nice post! Everyone else seems to have a lot of mushrooms popping up. This year, I've only seen a couple in my garden. Maianthemum oleraceum is on my Far Reaches list for next spring.

  4. Your pictures are lovely. Maybe that's another hidden value of the fall season: it forces us to take a closer look at things and appreciate just how wonderful nature can be.

  5. I'm always amazed at all the mushrooms that seem to appear overnight as soon as the rains begin! Love the Fuschia berries...I don't think I've ever seen them before.

  6. The fuchsia and sweetbox fruits look gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful pictures and colors :)

  8. And you DID look closely. Thank you.


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