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Monday, November 11, 2013

Coming to Fruition

For today's enjoyment, a collection of images of fruiting bodies -- berries, seedheads, etc. -- from my garden.

Fuchsia magellanica

Maianthemum berries

Sarcococca berries

Not actually a berry, but seeds, from the Blackberry Lily

I still have my pick of artfully strewn Douglas fir cones

Rudbeckia seedheads and Panicum 'Rohtstrahlbusch'

I love the starry shapes of Aralia californica berries -- not only when they are still intact, but also when they fall

Clematis seedheads

Berberis berries

The shiny blackish-blue berries of black mondo grass

The return of fall rain always causes mushrooms to pop up all over.

Something has been chowing down on this slimy thing -- most likely, another slimy thing, a slug.

At this time of year you really have to look closely to find the beauty.