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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sometimes the List of Priorites Lies

Yesterday I wrote up a whole list of what I would accomplish in the garden today, knowing from the weather forecast that today's weather would be good.

I didn't do any of it.

We recently had the doors on our shed replaced, the bottoms were rotting. But they still make a good backdrop for garden ornaments!

It was bright and sunny and in the 60s, perfect gardening weather. I did go out there, but I didn't plant any plants, or redo the hoophouse, or transplant anything.

I basically just hauled a bunch of stuff out of the shed and arranged it.

I have been collecting/hoarding a stash of junk, or junque, or garden art, for a while now, and have put up very little of it. But I've also been pinning lots of images of garden art, and when I got up this morning I just opened up the shed where it has all been hiding, and hauled it all out, and set it up. I had some partially formed ideas for what I was going to do, but then, you know what? I just kind of looked it all over, and let it speak to me.

I bought the 3 sun faces with color in them at the NWFGS. The wrought iron piece at the top came from Second Use in Seattle, a salvage store.

I like round things!

I need to get a couple of little pots to go with this metal sun.

I bought that milk jug recently too, from an antique emporium in Auburn, WA called Ye Olde Barn Emporium.

This pink colander makes a perfect well-drained container for a succulent-like Lewisia.

This pot, complete with plants, was another craigslist find.

I've had this fairy stake forever, she came from Massachusetts with me.

I need to find a better spot for this birdhouse. Although the birds have ignored the two birdhouses I've put up in protected spots. Maybe they'll take to this one at ground level.

All in all, I had a very satisfying day arranging stuff. The list can wait.


  1. I love, love, love what you have done here!!! You really have a good eye for putting it all together, very nice. - It was a lovely day wasn't it? xo

  2. More often than not when I go outside, I don't get half of what I planned to do, done. I always get distracted, but never by anything as fun as this! I love the milk jug, and would probably have a blast at Ye Olde Barn Emporium. It just sounds fabulous! When we built the goat barn I managed to find a couple of old milking cans at an antique store for barn decor, but they're not terribly to come by these days. I love looking at them, and wondering what sort of history they had.

  3. That is the happiest Lewisia I've ever seen!

  4. Oh wow you have some beautiful things and a talent for putting them all together! I love that colander as a planter, and how the flowers compliment the pink! those sunfaces are great too! I have often wanted one of those.

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Lots of cute stuff you have. I love the Lewisia in the colander.

  6. Love your treasures!! Lists are no good!! Let your day unfold, much more relaxing.

  7. You have a lot of great pieces, and they all go so well together!

  8. You have some awesome junk art here! I will now be on the lookout for colanders, perfect...

  9. I like your round things and the fun you're having with all your art! And that Lewisia is amazing - mine are just sitting in the ground showing no sign of flowering. Keep ignoring your list, Alison: it will all be there later when you're ready.

  10. Love it! I don't think there is such a thing as too much junk!


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