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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Trip to the Pot Dealer

Over the weekend Nigel and I went on another pot-seeking expedition, this time into the deepest wilds of Woodinville to buy a big pot from a woman who advertised on craigslist. I thought at first that I would turn it into a trip to Molbak's Nursery, but when I got to the house where the woman was selling the pot -- a big one, but fortunately this time it fit into the car without having to tie the hatch closed -- I realized we were even closer to a nursery that I haven't been to in ages -- Flower World! Hokey name, fantastic place!

After loading the pot into the back of the car, we set off.  Flower World is an enormous nursery in Maltby/Snohomish. It goes on for acres, really, with plants galore lined up everywhere you look. Their marketing is not as sophisticated as Molbak's, but when you have this kind of stock, who cares? It's a plant seeker's paradise.


More plants!

Here plants!

There plants!

Everywhere plants!

It truly is an almost unbelievably large place!

I've never seen so many different kinds of Hinoki cypress.

They also have several enormous greenhouses devoted to annuals and tropicals/houseplants

This Philodendron leaf was huge!

This pond with its resident turtles and koi was inside one of the tropical houses.

There is a pond outside as well.

And a stream with a bridge across it.

This table of ground covers and cat statues was as close as they got to a "presentation."

Nigel loved this frog statue.

If this alien hadn't been holding a football, he might have come home with us. (That's not a mirror, there are two of them.)

But I'm not sure where we would have put him.

So...what did I buy? A variegated Aucuba, two Sarcoccocca confusa, an Abutilon, a Hinoki cypress, two pots of fiber optic grass, and a green and white striped Acorus. And isn't that a great pot?