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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fertilizer Friday -- A Few Final Flowers

The heat is on, in the house. The cold rains have returned, too soon. Bummer.

I have a few plants still flowering, but it won't be much longer, I think.

Blackberry lily (Belamcanda chinensis), planted last fall. I really didn't think, earlier this year, that this would flower. Something out there (slugs? earwigs?) was chowing down on it. But it finally has. I love how the unopened buds are all twisted.

My Rose of Sharon has been blooming for quite a while, but I just recently noticed it. I seem to always be looking down at the perennials and annuals, I hardly see the shrubs.

Sedium spurium 'Tricolor'

Hosta 'Patriot'

A close-up of the pollen-laden stamens

Well, that's it for me for Fertilizer Friday. Visit Tootsie Time to see all the other posts around the world of people flaunting their flowers.


  1. aloha,

    you have so many colorful blooms going on this week, beautiful lilly, i love the name.

    thanks for sharing them with us. today i'm sharing an unusual orchid blooming from a friends yard.

  2. I love your Blackberry Lily, it's so different looking. Your Tri Color is loaded with blooms, what's your secret? I've had one for years and have only seen it bloom one time last year I think.

  3. The weather really seems to have changed. No nice mild fall like we get some years. Hopefully next year the seasons will be a little more like they normally are.
    I didn't know Blackberry lilies would grow here, that's good to know. They really are pretty. The Rose of Sharon is pretty too. The hummingbirds have been at mine all day lately.

  4. Beautiful Blackberry Lily flower, such a cheery color for this time of the season. Fall is just around the corner in my garden.

  5. congrats on your 1 yr anniversary! I really like those twisted unopened blooms on your blackberry lily, what a fun shape! This fall is going to be a soggy one..drat. Hoping for an all around better gardening year next year! Cheers

  6. That blackberry lily is beautiful! I love the shot of the hosta's stamens, great photo!

  7. That's a lovely close up of Hosta Patriot. I admit to a bit of jealousy in part due to your location. We vacationed in Seattle and Vancouver one summer and I absolutely fell in love!

  8. You know, we had a cold, cloudy week and I thought fall was here for sure. I should have known we hit 80 and it is supposed to be even warmer by Wednesday. Go figure. My flowers know, though, and a lot of them are letting me know their time is soon coming to a close.

  9. OOOOOOH!!!! I love that sedum!!! thanks for flaunting this post with me!!! have a great week


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