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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fertilizer Friday -- A Few Final Flowers

The heat is on, in the house. The cold rains have returned, too soon. Bummer.

I have a few plants still flowering, but it won't be much longer, I think.

Blackberry lily (Belamcanda chinensis), planted last fall. I really didn't think, earlier this year, that this would flower. Something out there (slugs? earwigs?) was chowing down on it. But it finally has. I love how the unopened buds are all twisted.

My Rose of Sharon has been blooming for quite a while, but I just recently noticed it. I seem to always be looking down at the perennials and annuals, I hardly see the shrubs.

Sedium spurium 'Tricolor'

Hosta 'Patriot'

A close-up of the pollen-laden stamens

Well, that's it for me for Fertilizer Friday. Visit Tootsie Time to see all the other posts around the world of people flaunting their flowers.