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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fertilizer Friday -- Dahlias and Other Stuff Grown From Seed

It's time once again for Fertilizer Friday! I have some new flowers to flaunt, starting with a couple of Dahlias that I grew from seed. The first is Dahlia 'Harlequin,' grown from seed saved from one I grew last year in a pot. The flower is slightly different from the parent plant, a different shade of red, and with a different "collar" -- those extra little petals around the center.

This one came from commercial seed, it's called 'Black Beauty.'

I'm surprised they flowered, given the strange spring and summer we had. I have plenty of others in the garden that have no sign of flowers yet.

This is another daylily, called 'Daring Deception', that I bought at Lowe's for $4.50, past its prime. It rebloomed for me.

A couple of Lupines grown from seed, growing together in a clump. One has a blue flower, the other pink.

In February I bought a bunch of bare-root native shrubs from the Pierce County Conservation District. I don't actually know when they are supposed to flower, I have a feeling that they are a bit thrown off by having been uprooted and then replanted. This Snowberry (Symphorocarpus), has both white berries and delicate pink flowers right now.

One of my Lonicera involucrata is also flowering.


 Well, that's about it for this week. Thanks so much for visiting! Please make sure you go to Tootsie Time to see all the other bloggers who have joined in to flaunt their flowers!


  1. You've planted such beautiful things in your garden. I love the Snowberry! I wish I had a spot for one. I see you have Lupines blooming late too. I had some bloom in June and then some bloom in August which is really late for my garden.
    I've never tried growing Dahlia from seed. That might be something fun to try next year.

  2. Fabulous flowers on the dahlias. They are just loving the coolers days. Take care and have a great weekend.

  3. Hello Alison, I love the Snowberry too, have never seen one before. Your dahlias are so pretty; I so admire you for taking on a whole new garden and climate, how exciting it must be to be able to grow new types of plants. I also love your waterfall and the rocks!

  4. Beautiful garden. I love Dahlias! Have a great weekend! :)

  5. How lovely. They look like a "Hint of Autumn" flowers! Delightful for your landscaping designs.


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