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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Brilliant Solution

I came up with a totally brilliant solution for what to do about the worrisome intersection between grass and gravel in my new front garden, and how to keep the lawn mower and string trimmer from picking up gravel and throwing it at either our front windows or the new greenhouse. Well, I think it's a totally brilliant solution.

Crazy might describe it too. But just a little bit crazy.

I needed to put something between the grass circle and the gravel walkway. We had extra compost, and nowhere to put it. What would be better than more beds? There are now two beds in the front that circle the grass area, in a spiral shape. In fact, we've now made the grass area smaller. So I've reduced my grass without ever having planted it to begin with.

But in order to reach the grass, there needed to be paths through the beds, so the new plan includes two short breaks that will have stepping stones in them.

One path is here just to the left of the culvert.
That break on the left is also necessary for drainage. Otherwise, in our rainy season, that circle where the grass is going would tend to become a pond.

More beds for planting. Less grass. I have a feeling that Chris the contractor and his assistant both probably think I'm a bit of a nut. Or maybe all of a nut.

But you don't, right? C'mon, I dare you to call me crazy.