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Friday, December 20, 2013

I Have No Mouth...

...And I Must Scream

Any science fiction readers out there in Blogland? "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" is the title of a science fiction short story by Harlan Ellison, set in a post-apocalyptic world run by an artificially intelligent supercomputer. He would no doubt be dismayed to find that I've appropriated his title for a post about snow on my sweet little gardening blog.

If you follow my blog or know me on Facebook, you know I don't like snow. It makes driving dangerous (ok, the other drivers out there have to take some responsibility for the danger too), and driving is one of the few things I have to do every weekday. So wanting to scream over it, but being unable to, kind of sums up my reaction.

It does make for some pretty pictures out in the garden.

I was undecided about wanting to go out and take photos, but I saw these bird tracks through a window, and out I went.

I startled a cat who was hiding nearby, waiting for dinner to fly past
Off he went, over the fence

A closer look at the top of the fence reveals just how many kitties have visited since it started snowing

Snow on a Hydrangea

Snow on a sword fern

Snow on Agastache 'Golden Jubilee"

This Mahonia x media 'Charity' will be pretty once those flowers open further

Schefflera (delavayi, I think) seems to have survived our week of Arctic temps, so I think maybe the snow won't phase it

Behind the waterfall

'Blonde Ambition' grama grass

Snow on Mexican feather grass
Snow on Agave ovatifolia

Snow on Tetrapanax (and a good view of the indumentum)

The folly was set into the ground with concrete a few days ago. Now it looks like a weird jungle gym/climbing frame, or a cage for an invisible animal. I should hang a stuffed monkey on it.

Snow caught in the curve of a pin oak leaf

It's supposed to turn to rain later today, and all get washed away. I can only hope.


  1. It's raining here--35-36 degrees. I'm so glad. As I always say, "Snow is for the mountains!" Too bad Mother Nature doesn't always listen. Safe travels my friend.

  2. Alison, this snow will disappear very soon leaving us with lovely images of our snowy gardens. You caught some nice moments! I love the oak leaf and tetrapanax especially. Drive safe and stay warm!

  3. A few adventures in the snow are fun but driving not so much especially if it's wet and hovering at the freezing mark.

    The folly will be fun to use when it's all planted up and ready to go in the summer.

  4. I admit, I was pleased …no snow this morning !

  5. We managed to enjoy the beauty here without having the snow ruin our plans. That's a good thing. Now the cold rain has washed most of it away.

  6. Crazy to wake up to that surprise. I wasn't expecting it actually happen - I live in denial. Your mahonia is stunning!!! I love it!

  7. Great photos! I'm not overly fond of snow, but since it started snowing Oct 4 and will probably stop May 28 you just have to hang tough. I wish you luck.

  8. I've seen snow in person so infrequently in my life that I find it hard not to be enchanted by it but I recognize that living with it is probably something else altogether. I hope your plants come through unscathed.

  9. It does look pretty Alison but we also share your sentiments about snow. It's a nightmare to get to and from work when this white stuff is around. We don't mind seeing it when on holidays to other countries that welcome it with aplomb though.

  10. Oh dear, it looks chilly out there. Will your Agave be all right? And isn't that an Opuntia? Is it hardy? Snow does make everything look beautiful but let's hope it won't last too long for you.

  11. The snow has made your garden so lovely...I love finding tracks in the snow


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