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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Copper Pipe Pavilion

I'm not quite sure what to call the structure that Chris is making out of copper pipe that will cover part of the gravel patio. A pavilion? A gazebo? A pergola? They've been building it for the last couple of days inside our garage, which means our car has to be parked outside in the frigid cold overnight. The car was coated in frost this morning, because this week we are having some truly cold weather here, with predictions of an overnight low of 11 degrees F. for the weekend.

I'm also kind of wondering how truly nuts I am for wanting it, commissioning it, designing it. I got the idea from a Pinterest pin, which used PVC pipe. You can see that pin here. My plan is to hang curtains on the corners, like the one in the Pin, as well as a shade cloth over the top.

I thought copper would be prettier (unfortunately, also more expensive and more valuable -- D'oh!)

What do you think? Am I a total crackpot?

Copper pipe pavilion sitting in our garage