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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Day at the Farmer's Market

On Saturday morning Nigel and I went to the Farmer's Market in Puyallup. We've been there before, and I've posted about it here. Like before, we got freshly cooked mini-donuts, and an assortment of wonderful local organic produce -- Washington cherries, corn on the cob, peaches, carrots, eggplant, and one beefsteak tomato. This time we also bought some freshly made pork sausage and a lovely looking pork sirloin steak, for our supper.

But first we wandered around the booths checking out who was selling what.

There are always plenty of musicians, some talented, some not so talented, playing for the crowds.

This place does delicious ribs and Korean Napa cabbage wrapped tacos. I got the tacos, and it made a yummy lunch.

This adorable doggie won my heart. She was tied to a leash, and when I called for her attention, she came over immediately. I put my hand down so she could sniff it, but she didn't even bother, just rolled immediately onto her back and presented her tum for rubbing. Such a trusting animal!

I took a couple of pictures of things I had never noticed before in Pioneer Park, where the market takes place.

This cool leafy shelter was a great refuge from the crowds.

Yet another violinist

Don't these berries look yummy? I'd have bought some if I hadn't bought a bunch the day before.

There are always plenty of flower vendors there.

There are always plenty of craft vendors too.

I loved these sweet but simple birdhouses.

They're the work of K/C Woodworks 253-847-3089

If I didn't already have a potting bench that I love, I would have been tempted to buy this.

The potting bench is by Steve at Rustic Creations Garden Decor 253-222-8571

The morning had started out very foggy and overcast, but by the time we left, the sun was starting to come out and the day was warming up.