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Monday, November 6, 2017

First Snow!

We got our first snow over the weekend here, just a dusting really, but it counts. It started on Friday as slushy rain, and on Saturday and Sunday we got spotty on and off snow that stuck to the grass and garden but didn't affect the streets, at least around here. On Monday morning, it was still hanging around out there, a perfect photo opportunity, so I took my camera out there to see what might make an interesting picture.

Snow on the grass in the back garden

Can you see the path through the grass at the very top of the picture above? I didn't make that path after the snow fell, by walking through it. I made it last week, before the snow fell. I've been working on a project in the far back corner of the garden and walking back and forth over the grass, flattening it somewhat. Interestingly, this difference in the texture of the grass caused the snow not to stick in that area, creating what Nigel called "a fairy path."

Here you can see the "fairy path" much better

This was early for such cold weather around here. According to the National Weather Service, this past weekend was the coldest weather for this time period in 44 years. The coldest day on record for the first week of November was 38 degrees on Nov. 6, 1945. The snow, while not record-breaking, was unusual. The Seattle area’s earliest measurable snowfall on record was Oct. 27, 1971.

Snow on oakleaf Hydrangea

Water droplets and snow crystals on oakleaf Hydrangea

The snow pancaked the Panicum

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' with a snow cap

Snow-laden Tetrapanax looking like a multi-headed dinosaur reaching its heads down to eat

Snow melting on Tetrapanax

Snow and water droplets glinting on pine

Crystallized snow on Horstmann's Silberlocke Korean fir

Strangely, we still haven't gotten a frost. The temperatures overnight, and while it was snowing, never actually went below freezing. All my frost-tender foliage like Dahlias and tuberous Begonias is still strong, lush and green. We might get a frost tonight, we'll see.

Now the snow is gone, completely melted, and the temperatures should go up to the 50s again by Wednesday.


  1. Yes, it is odd that we got snow over several days, but it never dipped below freezing.

  2. It is pretty! I can count the times I've seen snow in person on the fingers of one hand. Once, while driving up north near Sacramento to join family for Thanksgiving, rain turned to snow and I actually asked my husband what that white stuff was before it dawned on me.

  3. When I replied to your email today I almost asked if you got snow. I drove up to Seattle to visit friends last weekend and passing through Olympia on Friday it was intense. It wasn’t sticking to I-5 but visibility sucked and it was all over the trees, ground and side roads that I could see. I encountered it a few more times over the weekend....crazy!

  4. So pretty! It fell here but didn't accumulate like it did for y'all in the higher elevations.

  5. How odd to have snow before you have a frost. As you pointed out, it was also interesting that the snow didn't stick on your treaded path. Wonder if it's because the walking had flattened the grass into the ground...? Kind of like it sticks on grass before it covers asphalt... Beautiful photos, Alison!

  6. What fun, although I’m glad it hasn’t snowed here yet - I still have plants to shelter. We went to north central Washington this past weekend to visit Ben’s brother. Luckily, although we saw snow on our way up and it snowed while we were there, we had no issues with it while traveling.

  7. Snow! Not ready for that at all. I like the idea of a bit of snow, but, no frost! Lovely photos. Did your plants bounce back?

  8. Weird! We've barely had any frost.


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