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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday Vignette

My Wednesday Vignette this week is a shot of water hyacinths finally flowering in the stream. I bought ten of them earlier this spring, around the time I started the stream up again, in hopes that they would help keep it clear of string algae. And it worked. Although normally water hyacinths are floaters, I don't have a pond where they can float, so I embedded the roots in the rocks that line the bed of the stream, so they remain stationary. They have multiplied like mad, but didn't start to bloom until just a couple of weeks ago.

Water hyacinth
I'll have to remove them before we get our first frost, as they aren't perennial and will turn to mush if they freeze. They've done such a great job keeping the stream free of algae, I don't mind that I'll need to buy them every year. I wish I had realized years ago that they would work so well at consuming whatever nutrients were feeding the algae and causing it to thrive.

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  1. A very pretty solution for keeping the string algae at bay. However, I will miss your posts showing your hands ripping the stuff out of the stream:)

  2. Love the new header photo!

    I buy a few in the spring too, as they help to keep the red algae bloom from exploding in the stock tank. I usually end up tossing them once the rest of the plants take off, because they look so ratty. Yours still look pristine, plus the bloom!

  3. They're gorgeous things - and apparently hard-workers too! What could be better! Do the raccoons leave them alone?

  4. Beautiful! I've never had luck with water hyacinths; apparently my pond is weird. We don't have much algae though, mostly due to the explosion of water lilies in the pond, I guess. I'm glad it worked out for you!

  5. A beautiful solution to a messy problem.

    Huh, that new header photo looks familiar. It suits you quite well!

  6. I hold all you water garden people in awe -- still haven't taken the plunge ;)

    Great new header!

  7. Thanks for the first big laugh of the day, Alison! That new header photo is just perfect! I love those water hyacinths, and had no idea they are so useful. If I ever get a pond, or a stream, I will have to remember to indulge in them. They are gorgeous, as is your photo.

  8. They are beautiful but are considered invasive. In the south they should only be in containers.


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