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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday Vignette -- Pregnant

Not me, of course, but my plants. Two of them have interesting, new-to-me seedpods. These photos of them are my contribution to the Wednesday Vignette meme today.

First, my Beschorneria septentrionalis, which put out an enormous flower stalk this spring, and now has several equally enormous and fat seedpods maturing on the stalk.

Curious, I removed one and split it open, to find inside these rows of flat, white seeds. I assume they're still immature, and will turn black when ripe, rather like a Yucca or Hesperaloe seed.

And second, my Rhipsalis, bought a couple of years ago from Dig on Vashon Island. I don't remember seeing flowers, but now it has berries. I removed one and gave it a squeeze, and out came juice with teeny-tiny black seeds.

Rhipsalis berries

I'm not really interested in propagating Rhipsalis, but I might pull the berries off and bring them to the Fall Plant Swap in September to see if someone in Portland wants to give them a try.

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