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Monday, August 21, 2017

Photos Taken During the Eclipse

In case you've been living under a rock for the past little while, we here in North America today experienced a total solar eclipse. Here in the Seattle area, we weren't in the path of the total eclipse, but we did get to see it in 92% of its glory. I sat out in my back garden and took pictures, and looked at the sun wearing special glasses that Nigel brought home from work (his company, The Walt Disney Company, had provided them to all its employees).

It was an interesting experience. It got sort of dusky, perhaps more like late afternoon, except the sunshine was coming from the wrong angle, and the shadows turned to crescents. It never got totally dark here.

My fun and fashionable eyewear -- never look at the sun during an eclipse without proper glasses
I tried to take a selfie, but since I could see neither phone nor button it's not a very good one
Not the right viewing apparatus

Oh dear, he must have suffered eye damage


 An article I read said that if it got dark enough, spiders might begin to wrap up their webs and move on, thinking it was dusk. Fortunately, I had an occupant nearby to observe.

Mostly, it just made lots of crescent-shaped shadows.

Crescent-shaped shadows on the street

The neighbor's cat Lucy looking confused

Crescent-shaped shadows on the grass

Crescent-shaped shadows (and one me-shaped shadow) on the street

Crescent-shaped shadows on the side of the house

It got dark enough that our security light thought it was time to turn on, but that sky is still very blue

Did you see the eclipse?


  1. The crescent shaped shadows were a fun and unexpected surprise.

  2. I love your shadow pics. We did not notice that phenomenon.

  3. Your shadow pics are great, Alison, especially the one of the side of your house. We were at 69% of totality to start with and as the marine layer was still partly in place, there wasn't much to see here. We didn't shop for protective eyewear before the shelves were cleared so my husband rigged up a pin-hole viewer, which wasn't very exciting. Our shadows weren't nearly as interesting either, although perhaps I didn't look hard enough. The level of darkness was akin to what we'd see if a storm was blowing in. It did get colder, though.

  4. What a fun post! Glad you got to see it. My kids were happy.

  5. Wonderful shadow pictures and I should not forget to mention the humoristic photos, haha, great.

  6. It's fun to see peoples' different posts about the eclipse. I made the pin hole thing that didn't work and failed to see the shadows. I then resorted to the TV. But I will have all the right equipment for the next show right on our doorstep.

  7. Love your pictures! I missed a lot of the eclipse because I was working (teaching people about the eclipse), but I did sneak outside to a little while.

  8. Great shadow photos. In many ways, more fascinating than the actual eclipse!

  9. I did see the eclipse (traveled from upstate New York to Columbia, South Carolina) but one thing I did not see was those crescent shadows. Two friends in New York City posted pictures of those shadows; enjoyed yours, also. Alana

  10. I saw the eclipse and thought it was pretty cool. We were only at 82% coverage but it was still fun.


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