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Saturday, November 29, 2014

First Snow

My hope that we might escape the winter unscathed by snow was dashed this morning when I woke to find the garden limned in fluffy whiteness. Normally snow stresses me out, but for some reason this morning I managed to remain calm. In fact, I almost immediately saw it as an opportunity to capture some snowy images.

What do you think? Did I do well?

Thyme in the herb garden

Rosemary and skeletal flamingo

A row of snow-covered Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

Pennisetum 'Redhead'

Acaena and Sedum 'Angelina' in the concrete wall

'Sunlight Lace' Hinoki Cypress

Abies koreana 'Silberlocke'

These cones start out purple and age to tan with hints of orange

I'm fascinated by these cones that have been stripped. The work of birds, perhaps?

Cedrus atlantica 'Horstmann'

Pinus sylvestris 'Nisbet's Gold'

Snow in the folds of the Folly curtains

 Oak leaves still hanging on

Hellebore foliage


Lawn before footprints

Snow emphasizes the geometric precision of Mahonia 'Charity'


  1. You did VERY well. I am so amused by that flamingo. I wonder how many flamingos have ever been in snow? Like the cypress, too, what a pretty shape it has!

  2. Very well indeed. The mahonia looks wonderful!

  3. You've done very well Alison, very pretty photos!

  4. Better than grumbling...go out and make art. Well done!

  5. You sure did, Alison! Beautiful pictures! The light looks like it was perfect for them too. I like the stripped cones too. In the one pic they rather look a bit like mini aliens, hiding out in the tree. ;)

  6. Early snow. Beautiful photos. Photogenic snow is the best kind. I hope not to see snow this year.

  7. The skeletal flamingo with its eye glowing red in the snow is worth a good chuckle. The Silberlocke fir is a class snow plant, so elegant in needles and cones. The Mahonia 'Charity' looks wonderful with snow as well as late flowers. I will have to look for one next year. Sorry about the snow, but beautiful photos. We don't have any here yet.

  8. Thank you for the snowy tour of your garden. Beautiful shots that captured the quiet mood. I love the cone shots.

  9. Love you snow pictures! It was so cold and windy this morning that I didn't go far with the camera! It was sure beautiful watching it come down from inside the warm house.

  10. I love these! The shot of Pennisetum 'Redhead' is wonderful, with the hair-lets coming through the snow. And the shots of 'Silberlocke' would make gorgeous Christmas cards (look into Tinyprints for do-it-yourself card options.)

  11. Great photos! You have more snow than we do right now!

  12. By the time I walked out to get the newspaper this morning the snow had let up, and the sky was going blue. It was just enough snow to make things pretty until the winds hit.
    I love the Pennisetum photo.

  13. Beautiful that first thin layer of snow. At the first look to your flamingo skeleton, I thought, what plant is that? How stupid I can be......all your images are lovely.

  14. It's so pretty, Alison! I hope it doesn't do much harm to your plants. The Abies looks particularly fetching with a dusting of snow while the flamingo looks - well, surprised and possibly annoyed.

  15. Your snowy images are beautiful Alison...particularly as they are in your garden and not mine !

  16. Bravo! Very nice. Funny thing, I read your post just after I saw this other post about squirrels eating spruce cones. He says you can tell if a squirrel is right- or left-handed by looking at the stripped cones (no kidding!):

  17. "Geometric precision"... that's for sure! What a great photo. In fact they're all great photos. A light snowfall can really transform things, can't it? I am glad you were able to seize the moment and not be stressed. This morning we had ice from light freezing rain. It stresses me out too. Fortunately, every day brings us that much closer to spring.

  18. That's the perfect snow...makes a wonderland, doesn't stick to roads, then goes away. I have a feeling this year might help our 4" / year average...

  19. Beautiful captures of the snowy garden Alison!


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