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Friday, January 3, 2014

Freaky Ghost Leaves

I managed to wrestle my four Brugmansias into my warm but windowless garage this fall, just after they got nipped by our first frost. (Of course, it wasn't BEFORE the first frost, that would require forward-thinking and planning -- at least I got them in before the hard freeze that came just a few days later and lasted for more than a week.)

The first thing I did when I saw that they had been affected by the frost was smack myself in the head. Then I hauled out the dolly and wheeled them in, where they've been sitting since then, only slightly in the way (I really need to re-organize the garage.) The only light they get is when I open the garage door to move the car in and out to go shopping or run errands.

Once they were nipped by the frost, the leaves and buds all shriveled up, and over the course of several weeks, they all dropped off.

Old shriveled dead leaves

I noticed a few days ago, they've started to produce new leaves. But they're freaky weird pale ghost leaves. Because the plants aren't getting any light. But I don't dare move them back out, we'll probably have plenty more frost and maybe even a hard freeze.

Looks like this one has even produced a flower bud

At least I know they're alive. And they'll have a really good head start on producing flowers in the spring.