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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some New Porch Decor

Isn't this decorated tile the best thing? I love the saying on it, it is so appropriate to the PNW, where it rains so much.

It was created by a fellow blogger, DarlaG, who writes the blog Family and Flowers. She is so talented and creative! You should check out her brand new etsy shop DesignsbyDarlaG.

The tile came in a bubble envelope, with the tile inside all wrapped up in some stamped craft paper, with a bow and a little something extra.

I decided to hang it on my covered back porch. The colors in it go really well with the reds in the plate and the little half marbles.

When the weather warms up a bit, Nigel and I like to sit here and read, or just admire the garden.


  1. That is a great plaque and a perfect spot for it. Love that you have a covered back porch when you don't want to "feel the rain". haha. xo

  2. Great work and I think it's perfectly placed in on your porch. Good job Darla!

  3. It must be the month to put quotes in the garden. I put one in mine also. I love the little plaque. The saying is perfect. I agree it looks good with your plate. Thanks for photos.

  4. Well I'll be dipped in peanut butter! Thank you so much for this shout out...I am having so much fun with these tiles...have you seen the I've Got A Brand New Pair of Roller Skates one? I think I put it on FB.....remember as they are water resistant, water proof..not so much. Thank you again for this post.

  5. This is awesome! Darla and I have been conversing for about three years. She's so talented and such a dear, sweet soul. I love how she wrapped your tile too.

    I'm going to have get me one.

  6. Perfect!! Love it Alison, great place to hang it as well.


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