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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Handful of Random Garden Views

Today is the first full day of summer, and it feels like it! Warm and dry! It made for a great day of gardening. I pulled some weeds, planted beaucoup new plants (yippee!), cut back and trimmed dead leaves from some old plants, worked up a sweat, and finally broke out the camera at the end. Most of the time, when I'm in the zone working like that, head down, butt up, on hands and knees, I don't really *see* my garden. But there were actually a couple of times today, when I looked up to take a breath, and realized "So that's what my garden looks like!"

I'm still planting things here and there in the so-called gravel garden. I'm saying so-called, because it still doesn't have its gravel mulch. Soon, I hope.

Some of the plants are already thriving there.

Sharp readers will notice that I did indeed go back to Old Goat Farm a couple of weeks ago and buy that Agave americana (there on the right in the green and black pot) that I left behind when I went for the Garden Conservancy's Open Days. I'm thinking maybe I should plant it in the big green pot. Right now there is an itty-bitty Jaws agave in there, with a couple of succulents.

My gardening buddy, Chester, a neighbor's cat, likes the warmth of the gravel in the parking area.

Down near the gate, I'm already putting into practice what I learned last weekend, about planting ferns, grasses and hostas together.

"Mummy says when we grow up we'll be a great plant combo!"

I put some concrete stepping stones in the bed, for anyone (well, me) who wants to step into the bed to look through the window in the fence. I put down some of the concrete stars that I made this past winter in my garage, too, when I was playing around with cement.

I actually started the day by cutting some flowers for a couple of 50-foot bouquets (like a 50-mile bouquet, but even closer to home). They were hanging down over the garden edging, in the grass, and I knew that if I didn't cut them, they would get mowed down later in the day when the grass cutting crew came. Those guys are notoriously oblivious to flowers. I guess they get into a zone when they work too. There's Heuchera, lady's mantle, lady fern, Dichelostemma, and a few grass seedheads.

It's in a vinegar bottle, I only have one little vase. The red label goes with the rest of the decor.

I think they turned out ok. Tomorrow the showers are slated to return, which is good, maybe the plants I planted today will get a good watering.