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Monday, May 7, 2012

Look What Popped Open in My Garden Today!

The first poppy of the season!

I sowed these red Oriental poppies in place in the bed under cloches my very first spring here in our new house in Washington. Of course, that first year they were just foliage. Last year we got flowers, but this year it looks like there are lots more! They are doing great!

I remember last year the anticipation of the first poppy flower opening was excruciating. I seemed to be waiting forever, and the first one didn't open until Memorial Day. Today we had sun and warmth, and on my walk around the garden I was so surprised to see this bright pop of color. I know they don't last long, but there are so many buds, I don't mind.

I love poppies!


  1. Those are just beautiful, the colors are so vivid...nice shots too! xo

  2. There will always be a place in my gardens for poppies!

  3. Beutiful...I love them too...I think the fact that they don't last long just makes us appreciate them even more ;-)

  4. From seed? Wowzers, nice going. These are great. I got seed from a friend a few years ago but I think the slugs got the seedlings. Dang. Nice job.


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