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Sunday, May 6, 2012

8 O'Clock in My Garden

I took a little walk around my garden this evening at about 8:00. There was still enough light to take pictures. It was a glorious day today, sunny, pretty much cloudless and warm. I went on a garden tour, which I might post about another time. For now, here's some pictures from my garden.

Soapwort is starting to flower, draped over this rock beside the stream

This hardy geranium came with one of my craigslist pots

This Columbine came in a craigslist pot too.

I don't remember planting this Anemone, but it sure is cute!

Blue Himalayan Poppy is going to bloom this year!

Cornflower looks so bright with the white candytuft in front of it

I don't remember them blooming together in the past, but I like the combo

My Sun Gold tomato has flowers! WooHoo!

I'm only growing four tomatoes this year in my hoophouse, all bought starts. Three are grafted tomatoes from Territorial. I just didn't have the energy back in February to start from seed.

A few months ago I got a bunch of cuttings from a Hakuro Nishiki Dappled Japanese willow. They're doing well stuck in this pot.

These three tall sticks with leaves are black pussy willow cuttings. They seem to be doing well too.

The cuttings came from a SAGBUTT meeting back in December. A bunch of members got together for a Christmas cookie-baking extravaganza, and Molly from Life on Tiger Mountain gave each of us a bunch of cuttings from her garden.

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at my garden!