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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Final Day in Massachusetts

On my last day in Massachusetts I visited my older sister and her husband. While there, my niece dropped her three children off for a visit. The older two knew me before I moved away.

The Queen of All She Surveys holding Barnabas

Although she's only 8, she is a big fan of the Harry Potter books. She's making good progress on the final book.

According to my sister, the Queen loves reading, and despises math. A girl after my own heart. We talked while she read, and she was oblivious to us. Just like I was at her age. My parents used to say that when I was reading, the house could burn down around me and I wouldn't notice.

Little Man hiding in the shrubbery


I'm home in Washington state now, had an excellent but long flight (five hours).

Thanks for all the enthusiasm about my days as a thespian. I actually gave all that up about 12 years ago. I don't miss it, but I do miss the good friends. There are a few amateur theatrical groups here, and some day maybe I will get back into it. I got tired of splitting my hobby interests between theatrics and gardening. Gardening won. I was self-aware enough to know that I was a less-than-skilled actress, and didn't really have the talent to get better.

But I know I'm good at gardening.


I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Glad you had a nice visit. The kids are cute! Good to hear you are safely home.

  2. Welcome home, I enjoyed your traveling family posts. Good to get off topic every now and then.

  3. Alison, I bet you were a fantastic actress! Just getting up on stage is a triumph. But I know what you mean, we have to pick our passions and it's hard to walk away from the garden when you love it so to go and rehearse.

    Great photos of the little ones, they grow so fast, don't they? I'm glad you're back home safe and sound from your visit, I'm sure it was fun, but I bet it's great to be home again.

  4. I really enjoyed hearing about your family and your trip. I really want to visit Mass. sometime. Glad you got to enjoy time with your family. You are a great gardener and I bet you were a wonderful actress.

  5. Sorry I'm late, Alison. May I offer you a belated Welcome Home, anyway? You really did have a wonderful time catching up with everyone and it was so enjoyable doing so alongside of you. These two littlies are cutie pies. I guess you'll miss everyone for a while until your days slot back into their customary routine.

  6. How nice that you got to see loved ones. The kiddos are cute. You're definitely good at gardening!

  7. Alison, these pictures are priceless. Their name is: Happy Childhood.


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