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Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Potting Bench and Fence

We've had a contractor here for the last few days, installing a fence and building an absolutely beautiful potting bench. I am so excited about finally having a potting bench, I have wanted one for a long time! And this one is the culmination of my potting bench dreams.

Isn't it beautiful?

There is so much space for storage and for working, and the one feature that is essential here in the Pacific Northwest -- it has a roof! So I can work there when it's raining (and it rains a lot here). In fact, it rained like a monsoon the whole time Chris Gilliam was here, working on the fence and building the potting bench. There were a couple of days when Chris and his assistant looked like they had been wallowing up to their waists in mud in our back yard, but they kept working.

Oh yeah, the new fence. (I got caught up in gazing in wonder at my potting bench.)

The fence is beautiful too.

Chris Gilliam is the same contractor who helped me last year with the design and build of my back garden. We were so happy with his work and his work ethic that we enthusiastically asked him back to do more work for us.

What I love about Chris is that he's always thinking about ways to improve on his customer's ideas. I brought him the original plans for the potting bench, and he immediately improved on them by adding backs to the shelves, attaching casters to the bottom so that if I want to move it around the garden I can do so easily, and making the workspace even larger.

And he came up with an ingenious way to lock the potting bench onto the side of the house, to keep it from getting blown and battered by the fierce winds we get up here on the ridge south of Seattle.
This baby ain't moving!

If you need a contractor in the Seattle/Tacoma area, or in fact, on the western side of the Sound, on the Kitsap Peninsula, this is the guy to go to -- Gilliam Construction. To reach him call 253-880-2178.

Now I can move all this paraphernalia off my covered porch.

 And this stuff too.
And turn the porch into a restful haven for contemplating life and the meaning of the universe.

Or maybe just my next plant purchases.


  1. Lady, that is one cool potting bench! ;) Really, I could go on and on about how efficient and well thought out it is...the roof? Absolutely fantastic. I'm stealing that idea ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. I am green with envy. I would love a potting bench like yours.

  3. Alison - thanks for commenting on my blog. Your new fence and potting bench look great. I can only imagine what wonderful things you'll be planting there.

  4. Oooh lala! Nice bench--did you say fence? I totally missed the fence :)

  5. The fence and potting bench both look great!! I love that the potting bench has a roof, I'd never thought of that but what a great idea. We need to replace one side of our fence this fall, amazingly the posts haven't rotted by the boards are. I'll have to remember your guy's name.
    Hope we get to meet tomorrow.

  6. I love the potting bench and how he windproofed it! You will enjoy it. I also love the caps he put on the fence posts. Very classy.

  7. that potting bench is what gardeners dreams are made of - have fun sorting out all your things into their various new homes

  8. Oh your potting bench is beautiful!! And he did a fantastic job on your fence too, just lovely work. How wonderful to be surrounded by such pretty things.

  9. Oh, Alison! These are both wonderful additions to your home. The fence looks beautifully constructed and affords so much privacy. I love it! And your potting bench is amazing...Chris has certainly equipped you well and provided for every possible need/situation. It really is LOVELY and I can just imagine how excited you are with your new 'plaything!'

    I can see you're going to be very busy, not only with setting up your potting bench and playing there contentedly for hours...but also planning how you want to decorate your lovely porch! It's a super, generously sized space and will be marvellous as a relaxing haven from which to survey all your hard work and efforts in the garden :)

    HAVE FUN!!!! Can't wait to see what you do/decide in future posts! ;)

  10. Very nice potting bench. I am envious!

  11. I see you be spending lot of time outside now especially with the main attraction potting bench is so cool and beckoning you to spend time with it.

  12. have got yourself the cadillac of potting benches there!!! good for you!
    I have always wanted an outdoor potting bench...come to think of indoor one wouldn't be so bad either! I don't have a potting bench in my greenhouse!!! I have to go build something! WAY TO GO!!! lol
    It is a great bench...and I know you will build some gorgeous pots out of it!
    now if you will please excuse me...I need to go draw some photos to maybe build Tootsie a potting bench on I don't have to build 2! lol
    What kind of gardener plants 200+ trays of flowers and doesn't' have a potting bench? lol

  13. Love your new potting bench! And the fence is wonderful. How nice that you've got a builder/craftsman who knows his business. I bet he's worth his weight in gold.

  14. Don't do what I did and put so much on the potting bench there's no room left to pot -- nor for the cat to jump up.

  15. What a nice potting bench! I hope it serves you well in the years to come. I like how it has a "roof" and many places to store things.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  16. That potting bench is a work of art! Your fence looks great, too.


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