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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vignettes From The Northwest Flower and Garden Show 2011

I went on Friday. I was originally planning to go on Thursday, and then I thought I'd wait till Saturday. But I got up yesterday morning and thought -- what a great day to attend the Flower Show. A lot of other people had the same thought. It was soooo crowded!

It was very hard to get good overall pictures of the display gardens, with all the people jostling for position, and walking in front of the camera just as I was about to take pictures.

So I decided to focus on vignettes. Small scenes. Tight little groupings. I'm not sure I can remember where they all came from, but I'll try.

Paradise (to be) Regained

Little patio with "tiles" made of stepables, interspersed with old rusty heat registers

Garden entrance, gabions weighted at the bottom with bricks, and filled with plastic bottles, with fencing made of heat radiators.

Life's Journey in a Garden (Expect Great Things)
I loved how this garden progressed from darkness (dark leaves, dark flowers, dark accents) on the left to light (white and off-white flowers, light-colored accents) on the right -- the way we in the West read

Nice contrast here between the dark leaves and the rusty edging, which I think is old window wells

A Day Well Spent

Loved this mysterious, overgrown brick footpath (might have to steal ideas from here for the path I'm putting in my shade garden)

English daisies and moss overflowing from the nooks and crannies of a step

Inside the potting shed

From one of the garden junk exhibits put together by a local high school

Wind in the Willows: A River Odyssey

The Frog Prince

One Upon a Thyme (I think)

From the Container Garden Displays
(Now my husband wants me to look for that street Italian book)

Finally, reminders of a couple of plant combos that I liked

I was there for 6 hours, and walked my dang patootie off! By the end of it all my legs were aching. The day culminated in dinner with my husband at the nearby Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Came home tired but happy!