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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Plants

When the sun comes out here, it's hard to resist buying plants! A couple of weeks ago I went to the Tacoma Home and Garden Show, and there were quite a few vendors there selling plants. I bought a Sarcococca ruscifolia (Sweet Box). I need to find a good spot for it, where I will get the benefit of the sweet-smelling flowers in the late winter. I wonder if it will flower if I put it in dry shade near the back porch?

I also bought some lily bulbs and some daylilies. 

An old favorite, Strawberry Candy
Dragon's Eye

The photos on the packages really don't do them justice. I think they will both look good in the same bed with the pink Barbara Mitchell.

I also bought some purple/lavender daylilies.

Indy Charmer

Royal Braid

I'm planning to put them in a bed with Entrapment.

But I think the real stars in that bed later this summer will be the two lilies I bought -- 'Robert Griesbach', an Orienpet hybrid and "Eyeliner', a fragrant Asiatic hybrid lily.  I am really looking forward to seeing 'Eyeliner' bloom, it has purple black speckles, and a purple/black picotee edge.

A couple of weeks ago I also made a trip up to Sky Nursery in North Seattle to meet a poster from GardenWeb, who posted that she was looking for one-gallon pots. I had loads from all the planting I did last year in the new beds, so I traipsed up there to meet her. I didn't expect a trade (it's just empty pots), but she very graciously gave me both a Hellebore called 'Red Lady' and a nice large division of Brunnera 'Jack Frost'. Gardeners are the most generous people!

While I was at the nursery I decided to get some berry bushes -- two 'Chandler' blueberries, which will be going into a mixed shrub bed, and two 'Captivator' gooseberries, which I'm going to grow in pots. I've done a bit of research online and they take well to being grown in pots, so that's my plan.

I was originally going to also post about my seed sowing (lots of cold-tolerant tomatoes!), but this has already run on too long. Next time!


  1. Hooray for new plants! I love how we are all just itching to get out in the gadren...and visiting nurseries and home shows is what gets us through these last few months. That 'Eyeliner' lily looks fabulous!

  2. I noticed from your previous garden that daylilies were a favourite - you've chosen some real beauties here, too & I'm holding thumbs they all take and reward you with spectacular blooms this summer ;)

    Catherine from @ A gardener in Progress grows the same sweet box you bought and hers seems to be exceedingly rewarding. I am going to see if our nurseries stock it as well, as it really does seem to be a winner!

    It's so exciting sharing in all the Northern hemisphere gardeners' enthusiasm at the approach of spring. I'm looking forward to watching your gardens bloom and flourish in the next few months!

  3. So many pretty new plants! My Sweet Box basically grows under a Cedar tree with no extra water from me and it blooms like crazy. I just bought another to plant by my front door. I love all the Daylilies and other lilies you bought. This year I want to find some Orienpet lilies.
    Very generous trade for the empty pots. I agree that gardeners are very generous people.
    Hope you got out into your garden today, it was beautiful.

  4. The Sarcococcoa is one of my favorite plants. I purchased 8 or so last year that looked pretty poorly (got a great deal). I planted them around this time last year. I am growing a hedge of them as a divider between my front yard and my neighbors. They've grown immensely (with regular watering this summer to help establish them). They all bloomed and when the wind blows, it takes the scent right to my front door. We also planted one right outside the front door and every time I walk outside now, I am in heaven! I love this plant, and I'm sure you will too!

  5. Love all your daylilies you bought. They are a staple in my garden, flowering from late spring until late summer. I agree gardeners are such wonderful people. Happy gardening.

  6. Allison you did great - your Daylilies and Lilies are wonderful and such a great variety of colors. I'm liking Daylilies more all the time. I got about 10 or 12 last year - I didn't realize there were so many different ones. I need more now.
    How nice that you got the Hellebore and Brunnera. I just love my Jack Frost. The leaves are so beautiful.

  7. What fun meeting a fellow garden buddy and a bonus treat getting some nice plants! Looks like you will have some great collections of daylilies come summer.


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