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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh ME of Little Faith!

OK, I have to admit -- despite my intense pride over the lovely carrot I pulled up the other day, I really didn't believe that my carrot patch would produce anything of note. I don't know why, just not enough faith in myself, or maybe just knowing how Mother Nature can sometimes defeat even the best gardener.

Today I noticed that one of the carrots was about to flower, so I figured, well, time to pull at least that one! Well, it was a disappointment, small and skinny and white! So, I started to pull others, thinking, I need the room for planting something else. Well, lo and behold, gorgeous, bright orange, real, fat, lovely carrots. They even smell carroty! Having never grown them before, I didn't realize that they make a snapping noise when you pull them out of the soil. What a kick!