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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Happy Schefflera

The first Schefflera delavayi that I bought was planted in a spot where I thought it would thrive. And it did, for a few years. But I made the mistake of limbing up the serviceberry that was providing shade and protection to it, and after that it didn't seem quite as happy. The leaves got shredded by wind and it showed signs of drought and heat stress from being in too much sun. I knew I needed to move it, but where? And did I dare to dig it up when it at least was alive? Maybe not the happiest it could be, but would I kill it by moving it?

Apparently not.

It's so much happier in its new spot protected by a trio of weeping Alaska cedars

It pumped out so much new foliage this spring I think it doubled in size

How did I never notice the powdery indumentum on the new leaves before?

Happy Schefflera

I guess now I just have to worry it doesn't outgrow this new spot.