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Monday, July 8, 2019

Daylily Season in My Garden

I decided to take a cue from Kris at Late to the Garden Party and show off some of the daylilies I have in my garden that have started blooming. I've made an effort over the past several years to try and eradicate all the ones that show signs of daylily gall midge as soon as the mangled blooms appear, and it's paying off (I snap off the distorted buds and throw them in the trash). Very few signs of it have appeared this year. That makes me very happy because lily and daylily flowers are some of my favorite kinds of flowers. I've dug, moved and divided most of them so many times that I've lost track of what's what.

I have a scented yellow one that came as a passalong without a name that has already finished blooming and has made seedpods, and I have a few others that have flower scapes that haven't opened yet. But here's what was blooming this past weekend.

The label that I buried with this clump said it was 'Double Passion' but it hasn't produced any double flowers -- the color and shape of the petals it has are similar to photos I've seen online though.

I don't know the name of this one, but it's a beautiful color and I like the white edge

I'm pretty sure this is 'Barbara Mitchell' -- it's always been my favorite pink daylily and was the first one I bought when we moved here

This might be 'Pandora's Box' although it's very yellow -- there's a chance it's 'El Desperado'

'Entrapment' which in reality is much closer to purple than the color in this photo

Any -- or all -- of the next three might be 'Strawberry Candy.' I know I have it out there somewhere. But these are all in different growing situations. One is in a pot, one is planted in the ground, and the third is in an uprooted clump that has been set aside for dividing for about a year now. Daylilies are tough plants, and I'm an abusive plant mama.

This one has a little friend

Do you have a favorite flower? Daylilies have been a favorite of mine since I was a young girl. I remember telling my mother I loved the orange daylilies that grew everywhere at the side of the road, and she recoiled in disgust, because they were so common. Ever since, they've had a special place in my heart.