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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

In a Vase on Mondesday

Some of my blogging friends participate in the popular blogging meme "In a Vase on Monday" which involves cutting flowers and/or foliage from your garden and arranging it in a vase, preferably for a post that runs on Monday.

Unless of course, you're lazy, or unclear on the concept, or not particularly partial to playing by the rules (all of which could apply to me.) I posted once before for this meme, having put together a big bouquet of dried flowers and foliage that is still in my living room, sitting in a vase (which I had to go out and buy). Bits and pieces have gradually fallen off the bouquet over the last couple of years, but for the most part, it's still intact. Fortunately since then I've bought another vase from the thrift store, and lately I've been wandering around my garden looking at the flowers and thinking this and that might look good together in a bouquet.

It ended up being enormous! I don't have enough room inside the house for it

Brodiaea have gotten very tall and floppy, and get in the way out in the garden, so I cut several for the bouquet

I left quite a few as well, because as I went over to start cutting, a hummingbird came along and started sipping from them.

Saxifrage 'London Pride' flowers are a good baby's breath look-alike

Pulsatilla seedheads have flopped over the edge of the garden bed onto the grass, and last time the mow-and-blow crew came, they cut a few right off with the string trimmer, so I figured I might as well cut the rest myself!
I don't know if the California poppies will last, but some of them closed up almost as soon as I cut them

The colors at first were too pastel, so I decided to add the deep, dark purple-blue of Centaurea montana

The last of the Pacific Coast Iris

Bright red Heuchera

A pink hardy Geranium ('Wargrave Pink' I think)

It's already starting to disintegrate

Phew! Some bloggers do this every week! I don't know how they manage. I'm now officially creatively bankrupt. I hope you enjoyed the bouquet. It was hot, sweaty, dirty, buggy work.

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