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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Great Plant Migration Complete

I spent most of last week moving plants out of the greenhouse, arranging and up-potting, making several trips to Fred Meyer for cactus soil and new pots, etc. I think everything is finally in its summer home -- later than usual, but it has been a long, cold spring, with our night temperatures still going down into the 40s, so I don't think the plants mind.

Plants that like sun get a spot here on the west-facing front porch/step. In the past I've tried to keep everything in between the two pillars, but this year, things have spilled a bit far to the left, and are crowding the front door just a tad.

Variegated Beschorneria is a new acquisition this spring from Annie's Annuals.

My three 'Bright Star' Yucca spent the winter protected from the rain on the front porch, and are looking good.

Three of my four "Fat Bottomed Girls" -- the hair of the fourth, a ponytail palm, is on the left

I also bought two Proteas from Annie's Annuals this spring. I know they'll eventually need bigger pots than this -- if they live.

Protea susannae

Protea repens 'Red'

One of several plants I've gotten over the years from Matthew The Lents Farmer at the Portland Bloggers Plant Swap, this rooted pineapple top, technically a Bromeliad, is producing fruit.

Itsy-bitsy pineapple

I searched the thrift store for some kitschy accoutrements to add to this repotted cowhorn Agave, but couldn't find anything appropriate. I really wanted a cow from a child's farm set. I found the gold  steer skull at Fred Meyer, but I'm not sure it's really my style. I'll keep looking, and if I find something I like better, maybe I'll box up the steer skull and ship it to Trump Tower.

Agave bovicornuta

What would make a good prop for 'Bloodspot' Mangave? A syringe? A bloody knife? I'll have to see what I can find at the Halloween shop this year. Oh! I know -- a severed finger! In the meantime, this wee birdie will have to do.

Groucho lives!
Thanks to my blogging friends I have a nice little collection of Stapeliads going. I don't remember the names of most of them.

Huernia something or other

I think the one on the left Matthew called butthole plant -- aka lifesaver plant/Huernia zebrina

'Zigzag' Euphorbia from Dig last fall

An Aloe wearing spiral glasses looks down at an Aloe polyphylla that never seems to get any bigger

The tablescape includes a Groot that's supposed to have a Chia head of hair, and the Minnie Mouse Pachypodium that used to live in my upstairs bathroom (my cat was chewing on it -- perhaps he was trying to clean his teeth?)

Aloe aristata needed to be up-potted from its nursery pot, along with about a zillion offshoots (in a mathematically challenged universe where a zillion equals 8)

Love its warty, hairy goodness!

Any babies that survive the summer will probably head to Portland for the Bloggers swap in the fall

Spilling down the back porch steps, which face east and get morning sun and afternoon shade, are shade-preferring plants such as Begonias and Bromeliads.

I always want to call this Begonia boliviensis but I know that's not it -- it's on the tip of my tongue -- luxurians!

A Podophyllum with no name, just a number, but no longer a prisoner in the village -- er, greenhouse

Bromeliads that some day may hang on a Bromeliad tree, if I ever get around to making one

This year's experiment -- tuberous Begonias -- 8 tubers out of 12 sprouted

One of them has a flower bud!

 So, the plant migration is complete, just in time for meteorological summer to officially begin!