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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Raccoon Destruction

I'm sorry to inflict on you even more pictures of the array of ugliness that passes for my back garden, but here it is. The raccoons that are attracted to my stream have inflicted a lot of damage this summer. As if the heat and early summer drought weren't enough.

Sum and No Substance Hosta

Cardiocrinum stalk


Solomon's Seal

'Golden Arrow' Persicaria

I don't know if this is from them romping in the garden, looking for food, or if it is actual deliberate destruction, but it's what I have to look at whenever I stroll through the back garden. They seem to have turned the bed that runs along my back fence into a highway. They come just about every night to play in the stream. I've seen them out there and have tried turning the porch light on and shouting out the window, which usually succeeds in making them amble off. But they always come back.

They leave more than just destruction in their wake. I'll spare you photos of their toxic waste.

I've actually considered hiring someone to remove the stream, which attracts them. I may try caging some of the plants next year. Other than that, I'm not sure what to do. Razor wire along the fence, maybe?