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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Foliage Followup -- July 2015

On the day after Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, many bloggers celebrate Foliage Followup, hosted by Pam Penick at Digging. Although I do have some foliage in my garden that looks good after our unprecedented heat wave, none of it is really wowing me. That might be an artifact of a lingering crappy mood, but anyway...

Although technically not foliage, the seedpods of Nigella damascena are one of the first things you see in my front garden when you get out of the car. They were lovely in flower, but fortunately, they offer just as much beauty when they go to seed.

Nigella damascena seedpods, technically not foliage, but not flowers either

I might save some of the tallest for drying, they are as interesting as the flowers were

Some are dry enough to have started opening, which means the seeds are ripe. All I need to do is upend them into an envelope or paper plate.

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