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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday Vignette

Way back in the Stone Age when I first started gardening, back when we lived in Massachusetts, I remember reading somewhere that when I went out in the garden to photograph flowers, I should always carry a spray bottle of water to squirt on the flowers, because water droplets made such a nice effect on flower petals. Whoever wrote that didn't live in the PNW, where Mother Nature makes her rounds with her very own spray bottle.

Nearly blown tulip in the garden of Walt Bubelis

Pacific Coast Iris in the garden of Walt Bubelis

My friend Anna at Flutter and Hum hosts the meme Wednesday Vignette. In her words: "This meme celebrates combinations. The inspiration of the week can be foliage and flowers, but it can also consist of surrounding materials, colors and textures, or a combination of it all – anything that creates an arresting display in the world around us. It can be from gardens as well as buildings, urban grit or grand vistas. Scale is arbitrary – your vignette can be as small or as large, as stark or as flamboyant, as simple or as complex as you like it. It can be something carefully constructed, and it can be something completely random. I remember my father-in-law’s puzzlement over my fascination over the color fluctuations of a half-rotten, homegrown pepper which had gotten a little over-ripe on the sunny window sill. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous, but I will never forget the look on his face. He thought I was stark raving mad!  Seriously, the Weekly Vignette can be ANYTHING! As so often happens with inspiration – it can come from anywhere – from where you least expect it. See it, capture it, and share it!"