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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Moss and Flowers on My 'Forest Pansy' Redbud

Flowers appear first on redbud trees, before the leaves. I've had this Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' for a few years now, having replaced a nasty suckering cherry tree that the previous owners had topped, which oozed sap and always aborted its fruit, with this. This is the first spring since I planted it that I've noticed flowers. I don't know if it was resting since being planted, or if I just wasn't as observant as I think I am. Last year, I did kind of ignore this area of the garden, tucked behind the new greenhouse.

Pink flowers against a blue sky

I love how some of the flowers are just sticking out of the trunk

I love the moss growing on the trunk too

In this spot, I have both moss and flowers

It's a great tree, but it tends to drop a lot of twigs and chunks of bark, which worries me. Pretty twigs, but still. And I wish more of the pretty flowers and leaves (dark purple when it leafs out) were closer to eye-height.