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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Out in the Greenhouse on a Frosty Morning

We've had a couple of cold nights, with temps down in the high 20s (F).  In the greenhouse, things are doing well. Mornings, when I return from the train station after dropping Nigel off, I go out there and sometimes just breathe. It smells like green, growing things, and the plants in there are responding to longer periods of daylight.

Echium 'Star of Madeira' is flowering

The whole plant overall is thriving

Variegated Opuntia, a recent purchase st the Portland Yard, Garden and Patio Show

When the ladies at the checkout were packing it into a carry-bag, they knocked off one of the pads. So it's sitting in a dish, getting hardened off so I can try rooting it. Then I'll have two!

The Brugs are producing flowers

This one produced a seedpod in the autumn, which has been hanging on and ripening all winter. I don't know if I should try sowing the seeds or not. Brugs are much easier to propagate via cuttings.

Echevaria flowers

I love the pink and orange!

I've been looking for a Pachypodium for a while with no success, so when I saw this one at the Rare Plant Research table at the YGP show, it basically hopped off the table into my hot little hand.

The leaves and spikes are such a strange combo of cute and lethal

These two bright red Bromeliads in burlap bags came from Garden Fever in Portland.

And this enormous Bromeliad, Aechmea blanchetiana, came from Rare Plant Research. I had to shift some plants around to fit it under the wire table, but eventually I managed to shoehorn it in.