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Monday, March 16, 2015

Foliage Followup, March, 2015 -- Be-Leaf in Me

I love this time of year in the garden -- spring in general, but early spring in particular -- when deciduous shrubs start to leaf out again. It's like a magic trick.

Hydrangea quercifolia -- still has last year's leaves, we had such a mild winter

Viburnum trilobum 'Red Wing'

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena'  -- with its spidery flowers starting to curl up, and the new leaves just starting to emerge

Cornus sericea 'Arctic Fire'

Spirea japonica 'Magic Carpet'

Sambucus nigra 'Black Beauty'

Do you have some favorite foliage in your garden right now? Blog about it for Foliage Followup, where garden bloggers focus on the role of foliage in their gardens, always on the day after Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Pam at the blog Digging is our host. Check out her March post here.