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Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Bought At the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Well, of course, I went to the show to shop! Despite the feeling that there were fewer plant vendors, I did manage to find some plants, as well as some garden art, and a handful of colorful pots.

Most of the plants that I bought, almost all of them, in fact, except for one, are not reliably hardy outside, so they'll be living in the greenhouse for a while, and summering outside.

Aloe variegata with 5 pups. Those tips are sharp.

Aloe variegata flower

Thanks to Peter for spotting this Begonia hemsleyana -- looks kind of like a Begonia luxurians, but the new foliage is speckled

Wonderful green-on-green variegation on my new Agave 'Mateo'

Sad face -- while wrestling all my plant purchases home, I managed to damage a couple of the Agave's arms

Begonia fuchsioides -- A Begonia that looks like a Fuchsia

Thanks again to Peter for spotting this one with red flowers

Rhipsalis teres, which will probably end up in a head planter

The only hardy plant -- Leucothoe 'Red Curls,' which stays small according to the tag

Two brightly colored small square pots just the right size for the 4-oz. cacti I bought recently at Home Depot

 You may have noticed the 'Old Lady' cactus has a pretty flower in her wiry white hair.

Gratuitous shot of Cactus flower

A fabulous set of Talavera pots, which together cost just slightly more than the single pot I got last month at Molbak's

Hanging octopus planter is as much art as it is container -- now I need to figure out what to plant in it

I'm planning to turn this cool gnarly stump into a Bromeliad tree -- I'll need to put it in a large pot, or maybe on a pedestal

I bought two of these fairies in leaves -- one will hang here on the Folly, the other is sitting in the rocks at the base of the Folly fountain at the moment, but might eventually find a different home

So, that's what I bought at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, and this is the end of this year's coverage of the show. I'm planning to go to Portland in a couple of weeks for the Yard, Garden and Patio Show. Wonder what treasures I'll find there?


  1. Very nice haul Alison, that will start you off nicely for this coming spring. Hopefully you'll buy loads more in Portland because the show will be that good :)

  2. Great choices, all. I NEED some square pots. Well, I need to go where they sell square pots. Rhipsalis, Begonias, wonderful plants. The octopus needs something with big round leaves? Wonderful start on a Bromeliad tree. Looking forward to photo thrills at the Portland show.

  3. Some great buys! I'm so glad that we both got octopus pots! I love Talavera pots but can never decide on which one to get as they all have such interesting stuff on them. Seeing your group makes me hope that this vendor is planning on doing the Portland show! The square pots are perfect for your HD cacti, especially the orange one that accentuates the orange/red spines of the cactus! Great haul and sorry about your aloe but it will recover in time!

  4. Did you get the gnarly (fabulous) stump at the show?

    1. Yes, I got it in the Vintage Market, at JohnBobCoolJunk.

  5. Great haul, Alison! Deals on Talavera are unheard of here. The Rhipsalis might look good in the octopus pot. (I bought one of those octopus pots for a friend for Christmas and have regretted not getting one for myself ever since.) Aloe variegata pups like crazy - I bought one in a 4-inch pot a few months ago and have gotten half a dozen pups, while the original plant gained significant size. It produces nice flowers too!

  6. Alison, I spent a dreamy half hour looking at your posts of the garden show. There are never any shows of that caliber around here, wow! Loved to see all the greenery, and of course, my favorite was the waterfall, rocks and conifers. :-) I love your octopus planter and all the fantastic plants you have purchased, too.

  7. You bought so many lovely things at the show. I´m really fond of your octopus planter, a beautiful piece of art.

  8. Cool stuff, Alison! Thanks for showing your show loot.

  9. You found all kinds of fun stuff! I think whatever goes in the octopus planter needs googly eyes!!!

  10. Well you had loads of fun....I love the speckled begonia.

  11. Ooh, that stump into a bromeliad tree. Yes, absolutely yes! I want both of those begonias and I've had an on and off relationship with Aloe variegata. Great finds!


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