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Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Bought At the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Well, of course, I went to the show to shop! Despite the feeling that there were fewer plant vendors, I did manage to find some plants, as well as some garden art, and a handful of colorful pots.

Most of the plants that I bought, almost all of them, in fact, except for one, are not reliably hardy outside, so they'll be living in the greenhouse for a while, and summering outside.

Aloe variegata with 5 pups. Those tips are sharp.

Aloe variegata flower

Thanks to Peter for spotting this Begonia hemsleyana -- looks kind of like a Begonia luxurians, but the new foliage is speckled

Wonderful green-on-green variegation on my new Agave 'Mateo'

Sad face -- while wrestling all my plant purchases home, I managed to damage a couple of the Agave's arms

Begonia fuchsioides -- A Begonia that looks like a Fuchsia

Thanks again to Peter for spotting this one with red flowers

Rhipsalis teres, which will probably end up in a head planter

The only hardy plant -- Leucothoe 'Red Curls,' which stays small according to the tag

Two brightly colored small square pots just the right size for the 4-oz. cacti I bought recently at Home Depot

 You may have noticed the 'Old Lady' cactus has a pretty flower in her wiry white hair.

Gratuitous shot of Cactus flower

A fabulous set of Talavera pots, which together cost just slightly more than the single pot I got last month at Molbak's

Hanging octopus planter is as much art as it is container -- now I need to figure out what to plant in it

I'm planning to turn this cool gnarly stump into a Bromeliad tree -- I'll need to put it in a large pot, or maybe on a pedestal

I bought two of these fairies in leaves -- one will hang here on the Folly, the other is sitting in the rocks at the base of the Folly fountain at the moment, but might eventually find a different home

So, that's what I bought at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, and this is the end of this year's coverage of the show. I'm planning to go to Portland in a couple of weeks for the Yard, Garden and Patio Show. Wonder what treasures I'll find there?