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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, February, 2015

Right now, out in my garden, it's all Hellebores all the time, everywhere.

I remember when Hellebores first started appearing in the mail order catalogs that I received, with common names of Christmas rose and Lenten rose. I was living in Massachusetts then, and the idea of flowers at Christmas or Easter was mighty tempting. I was a relatively novice gardener then, and actually believed that I might have flowers coming up in the snow of a Northeast winter. Hah! I didn't realize that those bloom times only applied in more temperate climes. Like where I'm living now, the Pacific Northwest.

So, with apologies to my friends and family who are getting continuously dumped on by snow at the moment, here, for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, are my Hellebores on parade.

Helleborus orientalis 'Charlotte'

Helleborus orientalis 'Charlotte'

The only one whose name I'm absolutely certain about is 'Charlotte.' It's hard to mistake that enormous flower for anything else. Pardon my fingers in so many of the photos. I grow a lot of the nodding kind of Hellebore, because despite the fact that you have to lift them up to get a good look (or a good picture), they are so much prettier than the ones that hold their heads up on their own. I do have a few other flowers blooming out in the garden, but nothing as spectacular as the Hellebores.

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! Carol at May Dreams Gardens is our host for Bloom Day, so check out her link here.