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Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Favorite Plant in the Garden -- Primroses on Parade

I've decided, like a few other bloggers have in the past, to make my favorite plant in the garden an entire genus, and a very common one at that -- Primroses. At this time of year, everyone goes gaga over Hellebores. I do love them, and I've done a post showing a bunch not long ago. But I have a soft spot in my heart for Primroses too. I love them all, from cowslips to common-as-dirt grocery store/big box store cheapos. They're all flowering right now and looking good, they grow like gangbusters in our climate and they make me happy.

Let's have a Primrose Parade!

The taller, yellow Primula veris (cowslip) in back, Primula veris 'Sunset Shades' in front

Primula auricula marginata 'Mauve Mist' (Read my previous favorite plant post about this plant here)

Primula vulgaris 'Irish Innisfree' -- one of the recently introduced dark-leaved Kennedy Primroses

Another Kennedy Primrose, 'Irish Drumcliff'

My two newest acquisitions, not yet in the ground:

Primula sieboldii 'Lacy Lady'

You can't go wrong with its frilly flowers and interesting foliage

Primula 'Victoriana Gold Lace Red'

I have a couple of double Primroses planted by the stream.

This double red one is flowering so profusely, it looks like I stuck a bouquet in the ground

Primula vulgaris 'Belarina Nectarine'

Brightly colored 99 cent Primroses were one of the first things I planted in my new front garden.

Yes, they're gaudy, but then, gaudy is the whole point of the plantings on top of the recycled concrete wall
I planted yellow, scarlet, hot pink and peach Primroses in repeating clusters (the hardware cloth is to protect emerging Eremurus foliage from rampaging crows)

I'm hoping those bright colors will be like a ray of sunshine on the grayest of winter days

Even a bit mud-splattered, they cheer me up

Sometimes the foliage and flowers can look a bit ratty when slugs chow down on them. But how can you not love a plant genus that comes in such variety? Do you have any Primroses that I don't? Tell me about them. Do you have a favorite plant this week?

The favorite plant in the garden meme is hosted by Loree at the blog Danger Garden. Check out her post here about her favorite this week, and don't forget to read the comments where other bloggers leave links to their favorites.


  1. Yea! I love them too and usually buy some grocery store cheapos to brighten up the garden in late winter before the ones in the ground have really gotten going. They end up in the ground or in mixed pots eventually. I bought a couple Primula auricula marginata 'Mauve Mist' the other day because of your post. The foliage is gorgeous. I regret not buying a Primula sieboldii 'Late Snow' when I saw it at Dragonfly. There's always the HPSO sale!

    Your group of spheres is perfect!

  2. You have a beautiful and diverse collection! I love primroses too, although I can't grow many of the varieties you can up north - some of mine literally got fried in one of our recent heat spells.

    What do the crows have against the Eremurus?

  3. My favorite …Xera has some lovely ones this year , bought them all !

  4. I have a few of them that I planted in a new spot. I really like the cowslips, (even though they're yellow) and may need to get a few for that area. I also like the dark foliaged ones. Very nice. And those "red bouquets" are amazing. They look exactly like the color of 'Cinco De Mayo' rose. Love, love, love! Great post.

  5. Nice collection. I especially like the long-stemmed varieties.

  6. We have the common English primrose (pale yellow) just everywhere at the moment. It grows freely in the wild, lining all the roadside banks as well. I wouldn't be able to eradicate it even if I wanted to, it even grows in the lawn.

  7. I don't think I have seen so many different primulas before, so many beautiful colours and variations.

  8. Double primroses explain why they call them primROSES. They do look like miniature roses. You have a great collection of primroses, Alison!

  9. The Primroses set off your broken concrete wall like jewels. I'm in love with the double ones, I'll have to try to find some soon. I'm looking forward to seeing what people have at Hortlandia on Saturday!

  10. Rightfully so Alison, they are at their peak of flowering at the moment and they look like jewels in your garden!

  11. You got some great photos Alison, very cheery. I love the description of a bouquet stuck in the ground, that's exactly what they look like!

  12. Love your primroses! So many great colors. I have a few of the cheapos and another that I'm fairly certain is Primula bulleyana. It's still sending up new growth and will bloom later.

  13. Oh yes, nothing cheers up a dark day like primroses. You have some beauties!

  14. I love primroses, too. I really enjoyed seeing yours as I sipped my second cup of coffee on this early Saturday morning. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. I so love primroses. They are beautiful. Yours are amazing! I love the all. Thank you for sharing.

  16. I really love primroses, too. I only have one clump and always refer to them by their common name, cowslip. They go dormant here but no matter how bad the winter or dry the summer, they always come back. Miraculous little things!

  17. Very lovely! That 'Sunset Shades' looks like it is puckering up to give someone a kiss (and a lipstick stain).

  18. I like this whole "post on the entire genus" idea! Including something I don't really have a chance at using...after all, I can apply it to something else I can. Sans mud splats!


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